9.00 PM
Dusseldorf, Germany

tonight we’ve ordered a favorite german meal, a turkish dish called döner kebab. according to my host, the turks are the largest minority in germany numbering over 6 million. he tells me that the largest turkish city in the world after Istanbul is about 30 minutes from where we’re sitting in the nearby city of duisburg.

something interesting is happening in europe. a new civilization seems to be emerging. parts of england aren’t england anymore, but a fusion of anglish and indian and pakistani. it is “anglitani”. europe in general isn’t just european anymore. it is also eurabian. not only is there a south north migration into this continent, but i understand that europeans born and bred also seem to adopting an arabic point of view on the world. i’m going to research this a bit. God, i love this planet.

into the mystic…

© alex mcmanus, 2005

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