9.30 PM
London, England

he was standing at the moment of believing.

“it seems that lately all my conversations are about faith,” he said.

birger (pronounced beer-ga) and evelyn had invited him to travel with us to a party. although not a believer, he had asked this couple for prayer because he needed their “divine connections” to help him find a job.

“i pray you discover why you keep having discussions about faith,” i said.

“i know why. i keep coming here.”

he knew, it seems, that time and eternity, heaven and earth, the spiritual and material intersected in this couple and in this home. his request for prayer was not based on his faith. he believed in their faith. his request reminded me that everywhere the feet of the called touch the ground is an intersection. time and space are porous and God’s kingdom permeates everywhere, but around people like birger and ev, along with their teammates adaumir and andrea, the kingdom of God pours through in big drops.

i wrote a lyric years ago for a song called “sacred journey”:

everywhere our feet touch down
you have been there to be found
sacred paths of love entwined
intersections of divine embrace
on this sacred journey

this new friend sensed the density of God’s kingdom in birger’s house. he suspected these people were an intersection between the human and the divine. he feared without believing that dangerous and inexplicable things could happen at these kinds of crossroads.

often those who do not yet believe lean on our faith until they discover suddenly that they too believe.

into the mystic…

© alex mcmanus, 2005


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