Tipping Point – Part I

London, England
7.13 AM

tipping point – part 1

i leave london for la in about an hour so i only have time to jot down some quick and preliminary thoughts.

i have mentioned in prior conversations that we stand before two world changing events so enormous that they are difficult to see. first, the way in which western culture and values are exploding into the muslim world [afghanistan, iraq, lebanon, palestine] and the way islamic values are forcing their way into the western world [the whole of europe and 911].

and second, the way instant global communication can make this the most jesus like century in history. the global response to the tsunami in southeast asia is an example of this. more on this second one later.

thomas friedman, columnist for the new york times, suggests that we are witnessing three tipping points at once. here’s one

“thanks to eight million iraqis defying “you vote, you die” terrorist threats, iraq has been reframed from a story about iraqi “insurgents” trying to liberate their country from american occupiers and their iraqi “stooges” to a story of the overwhelming iraqi majority trying to build a democracy, with u.s. help, against the wishes of iraqi baathist-fascists and jihadists.”

is it possible that the planet is tipping…

from one in which the muslim world and the billions of people in it will move from a high control tyranny …

…to one in which human rights, women, and the freedom to individual dissent are raised in importance?

what a momentous and opportune moment for the gospel this is. can we step into this epic battle between western culture and islamic culture with the gospel of the kingdom in such a way that the beauty of christ covers the earth as the waters cover the sea?

who cares about being postmodern? followers of jesus come from the future where every knee bows and every tongue confesses that jesus is lord to the glory of God. it is towards that future that we labor.

my compliments to the brits on the clock. from london, england…out.

into the mystic…

© alex mcmanus, 2005


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