Mosaic Rancho Cucamonga

los angeles, ca

that’s my daughter, erica, with our friends who are starting a mosaic community in dusseldorf, germany.

i spent most of my yesterday (sunday) in the recording studio working on my cd project, but in the morning, i visited my friends john and kristi. they’ve started a new mosaic community in rancho cucamonga, a growing community situated about 45 minutes east of los angeles.

their first celebration was last week and over two hundred people showed up. i sat in on their second gathering and soaked up some good vibes. They had gobs of people come back.

they’re brand spanking new, but i sense that even though they’re near la, they’re gonna “make it” without headshots or demo cds. [if that last statement seems odd, read my post from friday].

mosaic in los angeles shifted this weekend from three celebrations on two campuses to six celebrations on four campuses. i visited their saturday evening celebration night before last. mosaic los angeles has been multisite since about ’96, but the way they move around, it’s amazing they keep anyone. they grew by over 40% in making the move… at least for this first weekend.

mosaic los angeles is the latest manifestation of a church that has been around for about sixty years.

what do these these three communities have in common? hard working leaders who know that believing communities aren’t supposed to be clubs for insiders, but communities of love for the world in action.

i have three kids that will one day live who knows where. i often submit a request through prayer for leaders like these mosaic pastors, that there be many of them. that they be working hard to create great culture shaping communities of faith in every city in the world.

i pray this out self interest. i don’t know where my kids will live.

imagine sending our kids into a world without great communities of faith, love and hope. not if i have anything to say about it. mosaic rancho cucamonga, mosaic la, mosaic dusseldorf, mosaic xyz. i’m a raving fan.

into the mystic…

© alex mcmanus, 2005


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