Tropical Paradise In Germany

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los angeles, ca

another amazingly beautiful day in los angeles. winds out of the north at 4 mph. highs in the low 70s lows around 50 (fahrenheit). i wonder if bono of u2 was here when he wrote “beautiful day”? btw, my brother, erwin, apparently met on a recent trip to the uk with a pastor who knows bono. i think he’s trying to get bono a copy of erwin’s latest book, the barbarian way.

i grew up on the gentle slopes of a volcano in el salvador. all i remember are beautiful days. sunny. warm. filled with interesting things. some people crave this. take the germans. a malaysian businessman who specializes in cruises and casinos built paradise in a hanger located an hour or so from berlin.

the new tropical islands resort boasts a lagoon, a waterfall, amazon huts, an overall temperature of 77 degrees fahrenheit [25 degrees celsius], a 43,000-square-foot sea, thai masseuses, and germans walking around in speedos in the middle of winter. the 90 million dollar project attracted around 100,000 visitors in the first month of business.

now you can experience four hours of a beautiful day in the fake sun for about $20. it’s a beautiful day indeed. driving through germany a friend of mine pointed out an indoor skiing slope. apparently, in the summer when the days are warm and the sun is hot, you can snow ski indoors.

i remember now, playing on the slopes of a volcano.

into the mystic…

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