Graffiti61 And doSul

hollywood based ambient-electronica artist, graffiti61, chilled at our place tonight. he’s the one contemplating the oblong object. we chatted about our upcoming tour to europe this summer and how to fund it. we stopped for a moment together and asked jesus to help us sell lots of cds. doSul will have our cd ready in about 6 weeks. graffiti61 has music available now.

i met dominic (i.e. graffiti61) over two years ago. i sat enthralled as he created a piece by playing and looping synths, guitar, bass and drums on stage. the piece was called “cry of the soul.” my wife, niza, and i are also musicians [we have a world music band called doSul] and we just hit it off.

the greatest good for so many artists is self expression. dominic has evolved into an artist whose work is not simply about self expression. indeed, dom’s self expression has been harnessed by the mystery at the center of the universe. check out dom’s music and if you dig it buy a couple cds to help the cause. find his web site by clicking here.

because of dom’s commitment to Jesus and his kingdom, niza and i feel priviledged to take an immense risk together with graffiti61 this summer. spread good thoughts about us as you go your way. thanks.

into the mystic…

© alex mcmanus, 2005


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