michael in front of our hotel in munich

sitting side by side with michael at a bistro and internet cafe. we
both brought our laptops but couldn’t connect wirelessly. so we’re both
a computer terminals. unfortunately i can’t remember how to access my
webmail so here i am bloggin away.

tomorrow we take off for zurich.
i’ll be directing people to my band’s new website (doSul.org) and
handing out demos – (btw, mel, how’s the site coming?) – as well as
connecting with church planters along the way. i’m sure that soon we’ll
have for our european contacts a cool page at least and maybe some place where we can place
fotos, video and music, along with a gig alert calendar.

train leaves at 8.14 am –line 19

well gotta go buy train tickets.

into the mystic…

alex mcmanus
munich, germany


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