born 28 March 1990
Palm Springs, California, USA

Erica in London.

Brazilian on her mom’s side
Salvadoran on her dad’s side

Her name means “Rich in Christ”.

Erica is a lover of music.

  • She grooves eloquent on the keys and makes magic on the harp.
  • Erica loves Bjork
  • She a connoisseur of Scandinavian folk music as well as Scandinavian jazz and electronic sounds.
  • She listens to Massive Attack too much. To verify this just read her blog at xanga.com/ansusberkana.

What’s “ansusberkana”? You’ll have to ask her but I think it is a reference to the basic “Alpha” and “Beta”. She thinks like that.

She is an avid writer and reader. She has in her possession my copy of the first modern novel, Don Quixote, by Miguel Cervantes. I didn’t give it to her. She took it on her own. She just finished reading Icelandic sagas dating from c.1000AD as well as the one thousand year old stories of the Norse kings, Heimskringla. I’m sure she will write me and correct my spelling.

Erica is a lover of languages. She loves all things Icelandic and Scandinavian. She is a reader and writer of Runes and has recently created her own language. Erica is a world traveler not because we take her but because she is intrinsically curious and adventurous. She always bemoans the fact that she gets to travel so little. Thailand, El Salvador, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, NYC, etc just isn’t enough for someone her age, I guess.

Erica is an actress. She’s been in several theatre productions, a commercial, a couple of short films, and an extra in a movie.

Erica loves the city and the country. She cried when she found out we were moving out of Los Angeles last week. We’ve lived in a very small two bedroom apartment near Korea Town. We moved there when she was nine years old.

Erica is an amazing thinker, a warm and approachable spirit, a leader, a creative producer, and an emotionally intelligent soul.

She is unique, but not in the sense that we say all people are unique in order to make us all feel special. She is unique in the sense that there’s no one like her.

She dreams of running an orphanage in Russia. Why? Don’t know.

Erica has become one of those people that make the world a better place for others.When she was four or five years old she brought me some of her shoes because I was reading an article on poverty in Asia in which there was a picture of a shoeless girl. She is someone that “got it” at a very early age. I look at her and think, What a beautiful person walks the earth. I’m certain that Christ called me because he has an amazing adventure in store for her.

Erica, my love, your adventure has begun. Make whatever world awaits us in the mystic more human in Jesus’ name.


into the mystic….


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