2005-04-02 16:35:00

Ground speed: 475 miles per hour.
Altitude: 36,000 feet
Outside Temperature: -76 degrees Fahrenheit

Thursday: Lufthansa Airlines is the first airline in the world to offer in-flight wireless Internet. However, my battery is about out so I’ll have to finish this and send it a bit later. At this writing I’m somewhere over the mid Atlantic on my way home to Los Angeles from Germany. Except for a day and a half of sickness, I had an excellent time in Europe. Met with a very cool group of world changers there. Looking forward to telling you all about it and seeing some of them join our growing community here at my blog.

Friday: Starting Monday…the seven distinct “action logics” of leadership.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus


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  1. Tadeusz Deregowski Avatar
    Tadeusz Deregowski

    You might find the writing of Frank Furedi worthwhile on the matter of diversity. The can be found online.

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