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The Seven Ways [“Action Logics”] of Leadership

  • The Opportunist –wins any way possible
  • The Diplomat –avoids overt conflict
  • The Expert –rules by logic and experience
  • The Achiever–meets strategic goals
  • The Individualist–Interweaves competing personal and company action logics
  • The Strategist–generates organizational and personal transformations.
  • The Alchemist

The Strategist “exercises the power of mutual inquiry, vigilance, and vulnerability for both short and long term.” 4% of the sample profiled at this action logic. The Strategist’s strength is as a “transformational leader.”

While the Individualist focuses on mastering communication with those who have different action logics, the Strategist focuses on the effect of actions and agreements on organizations. Strategists approach organizational constraints as negotiable and transformable.

Strategists “deal with conflict more comfortably than do those with other action logics, and they’re better at handling others resistance to change.”

Strategists are more interested in three dimensions of interaction: personal relationships, organizational relations, and international developments. While achievers may use their influence to promote their companies, Strategists will create ethical practices beyond the interests of himself or his company.

What do you think?

  • Was Barnabus a Strategist? What about Paul?
  • Any of you ever have an experience working with a Strategist? What was that like?
  • From the tidbit of info above, What would the differences in approach be between an Individualist and a Strategist if they were trying to lead within an unhealthy system?
  • Tomorrow…the Alchemist.

    Into the Mystic…

    © Alex McManus, 2005
    Los Angeles, Ca


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