Global Demographics

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Fewer: How the New Demography of Depopulation Will Shape Our Future
By Ben J. Wattenberg
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Wattenberg writes that while only 3% of the world’s population are immigrants, they constitute far more than 3% of the world’s problems. Two problems stand out in his mind: illegality and distaste. It is seemingly impossible to keep the poor from making their way illegally into richer countries in search of a better future. And with regards to distaste, Wattenberg writes, “The anti-Mexican feeling in America is gentle compared with anti-immigrant attitudes in Europe, where immigrants come mostly from the Arab countries and Muslim Turkey (to Germany).’Hatred may not be too strong a word.’” What do you think?

Film Night with Niza

Niza and I watched a Brazilian film tonight called The City of God. The film is based on the true story of a young boy who emerges out of a slum located just outside of Rio de Janeiro in the midst of a brutal (very brutal) gang war. His escape is made possible by his fascination with taking photos as he becomes the visual documentarian of life in this neighborhood. This film [in Portuguese with English subtitles] is a Kill Bill style story depicting the darkest kinds of human experiences. NOT for kids or those with fragile emotions. A reminder of why the we must call on the world to become human again. Those are children out there. What’s your movie pick?

Into the Mystic…

Alex McManus
Pasadena, Ca


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