The Mystic Nation (an update on my search)


Is the mythical(?) mystic nation an urban legend or not? Let me tell the story. You decide.

As some of you know, I’ve been obsessed with researching a social phenomenon known as the mystic nation. The more I ask around the more I continue to suspect that “the mystic,” as they are known, are more than the urban legend I first thought.

Purportedly, the mystic nation is inhabited by “mystic warriors” each of which enters the nation through a mystic guide. No one enters “the mystic” without this guide, it is said.

I came close to tracking down one of these enigmatic creatures recently, I think. Witnesses are sparse but I’ve contacted a couple of people [including a prophetic seminary prof and a visonary “poster of threads”] who seem to have some knowledge of these things.


I’ve added a “blogring” on my xanga account ( for those who will help me in my search for this practically invisible nation. [And perhaps the blogring will ferret out one of these elusive warriors. In fact, word is that there may already be one or two of “the mystic” lurking there. As I look down the list of those of you who have joined the blogring I realize that it could be any one of you.] Well, anyway, any help you can lend me in following up clues is appreciated. I’ll travel any length at any cost to speak even if only for a moment to any member of this clan.

Parchment in Barcelona

Oh yea, one more thing…I think I’ve started to piece together –from a small, fragmentary parchment that was mysteriously placed in my lap top while I was in Barcelona — a clue to the code of “the mystic.” More on that later.


  • Title: “into the mystic”
  • Photographer: Niza
  • details: on my way by train from London to Brussels following clues.

Into the mystic…

Alex McManus

76 thoughts on “The Mystic Nation (an update on my search)

  1. Cool, i just saw the link to your seminar in Providence. It’s on a work day but I’ll see if I can make it. Are non-pastors allowed to attend?

    I also saw the link to River’s Edge Community Church. I didn’t know there were any mosaic type churches in Montreal. That’s great! My wife and I dream of living there some day and it’s good to know God’s moving in that city.

  2. Peter, yes anyone can come. Hope to see you there. The pastor of River’s edge (Lorenzo) is a guy I’ve come to know through ORIGINS. I suspect his church is
    as dangerous as he is.

  3. I’m here. I’m ready, as ready as I can be, anyway. I didn’t pack much, but even still, I feel like I packed too much. I am willing to lay down some stuff on the way, especially if there are more important items dicovered on the journey.

  4. Hi Alex. I am most intrigued by all of this. So, I will share some ramblings with you (a trip inside my head)…

    When we talked on Monday, a part of me felt as if your words breathed life into a concept I have had rolling around in my head and heart for months now. Until now, it seemed that many of my ideas transcended those around me. I have kept quiet not knowing how to bridge the gap between this ‘way’ and the established organizations around us that have defined what the acceptable methods of spirituality are. I know this is just the beginning of who knows what!!!

    Have you read Dean’s latest blog?

    Yesterday while driving, a car pulled up next to me. There were large sticker letters pasted on the back window that read “Pay it Forward” and an 800 number listed below. If you remember on Monday I connected the ‘pay it forward’ concept to the mystic nation … coincidence? Then, later in the day I was commenting on a blog and another member who posted was named “mystic”. hmmm…

    So, I Googled ‘Mystic Nation’ and ‘Mystic Warrior’ this morning and guess who’s name is attached to all of this …YOU! How funny is that!

    Just thoughts … keep searching … keep dreaming…

    into the mystic …

  5. hmmm…

    interesting question.

    I will answer your question with a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Yes, I am intrigued. Yes, I want to know more about this movement that apparently already exists ‘everywhere and nowhere’ … and yet a part of me is desiring to create our own mystic movement because in a sense I feel we have been given permission to reach for something bigger. I believe we have tapped into something that is propelling us into the future. We have been given eyes to see and ears to hear and willing spirits that aren’t afraid to explore.

    You know, Alex, in some ways, I wonder if we are creating the mystic nation as we search and share and get people buzzing about this intriguing and mysterious thing or, dare I say, legend. It’s like one day we are going to look back and realize that the very ones that began seeking were the very one’s who created it. Are we creating the mystic nation right now?

  6. Been here a while, and didn’t know that “here” was a place. An ancient Japanese proverb says “The journey is the destination.” My journey has been rough but rewarding, and I’m looking forward to sharing it as we chase the mystic.
    -Jason Bishop, The Journey

  7. Hmm…

    Alex, I posted my last comment exactly 2 months ago today. It is amazing how quickly things change and how quickly things are revealed…

    life is moving like a ‘bullet train’ …

  8. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.” There is nothing mystical about it.
    The devil is the great deceiver. He’s doing a wonderful job with all of you! Turn now before it’s too late.
    The path to Heaven is straight and narrow. All the others lead to hell.

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