The Mystic Nation (an update on my search)


Is the mythical(?) mystic nation an urban legend or not? Let me tell the story. You decide.

As some of you know, I’ve been obsessed with researching a social phenomenon known as the mystic nation. The more I ask around the more I continue to suspect that “the mystic,” as they are known, are more than the urban legend I first thought.

Purportedly, the mystic nation is inhabited by “mystic warriors” each of which enters the nation through a mystic guide. No one enters “the mystic” without this guide, it is said.

I came close to tracking down one of these enigmatic creatures recently, I think. Witnesses are sparse but I’ve contacted a couple of people [including a prophetic seminary prof and a visonary “poster of threads”] who seem to have some knowledge of these things.


I’ve added a “blogring” on my xanga account ( for those who will help me in my search for this practically invisible nation. [And perhaps the blogring will ferret out one of these elusive warriors. In fact, word is that there may already be one or two of “the mystic” lurking there. As I look down the list of those of you who have joined the blogring I realize that it could be any one of you.] Well, anyway, any help you can lend me in following up clues is appreciated. I’ll travel any length at any cost to speak even if only for a moment to any member of this clan.

Parchment in Barcelona

Oh yea, one more thing…I think I’ve started to piece together –from a small, fragmentary parchment that was mysteriously placed in my lap top while I was in Barcelona — a clue to the code of “the mystic.” More on that later.


  • Title: “into the mystic”
  • Photographer: Niza
  • details: on my way by train from London to Brussels following clues.

Into the mystic…

Alex McManus


76 responses to “The Mystic Nation (an update on my search)”

  1.  Avatar

    Here to leave a comment. Looking forward to reading more on the mystic nation. Not sure where to enter my name so I’ll just say this is Deana…obahsomah.

  2. Alex Avatar

    thanks, Deana. I’m glad you’re here.

  3.  Avatar

    Alex…”Mystic Warriors” will as you know not be any more than anonymous in their life style…blessings

  4.  Avatar

    “We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We will see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!” – The Message

    Mark is here

  5.  Avatar

    Leaving a comment as you asked… Allen Arnn

  6.  Avatar

    I agree with Deana, I’m excited for more about the mystic nation…meanwhile, there’s an article in the NY Times Op/Ed about the Blogosphere this morning…thought it was an interesting read.


  7.  Avatar

    Hope it is ok that I found this place.
    – marty

  8.  Avatar


    Excited that I can finally leave a comment (since I am not a Xanga guy that has been an impossibility for me. This will give more people more opportunities to connect with you and others.

    Thanks for making the move!

    Stephen Hammond

  9.  Avatar

    Like the site, I’m at seminary now does that disqualify me from being a mystic???

  10.  Avatar

    ‘Tis I, Sally Schilling!

  11.  Avatar

    Hey Alex,
    Following you to your new site…”The Mystic” live!

    Debbie Arnn

  12.  Avatar

    Keep looking, but rumor has it, if you find it, your life will never be the same.


  13.  Avatar

    letting you know that i’m here–and there.


  14.  Avatar

    Hi Alex,
    Kristi Cornwell here. Can’t wait to hear more about “the mystic” and iMosaic. Are you with your grandmother right now? I read on Niza’s site that you went to see her. I hope you have “forever moments” with her, always to be cherished.


  15.  Avatar

    Glad to see you have a non-Xanga home where I can post a comment from time to time. Looking forward to hearing of your next step.

    one of those mosaic arlington folk

  16.  Avatar

    I can’t wait to hear more about the “mystic nation” and iMosaic. Are you still with your grandmother? I read on Niza’s site that you went to see her. May this time with her become precious memories.

    ~Kristi Cornwell @

  17.  Avatar

    ‘Tis I, Sally

  18.  Avatar

    The nation is growing before your eyes my friend!
    Mike Harris

  19.  Avatar

    hi alex, leaving a comment as well. im here in londrina brazil with a student team serving and encouraging a family from our church who has lived here intentionally for the past 10 years. we are doing some culture exchanges with high school kids. very fun. brazilians are so great… but you already knew that… – tony

  20.  Avatar

    here for the journey…

  21.  Avatar

    Checking in and looking forward…
    I think I’ve seen something…
    Can you tell me what it is..


  22.  Avatar

    Found you, Alex…thanks for the invite to follow.

    Michelle Cuthbertson

  23.  Avatar

    maybe you need to know the secret handshake to get info.
    expanding my sphere

  24.  Avatar

    Kyle – it’s the ruby slippers!

  25.  Avatar

    These Mystic Warriors sound pretty awsome. I am looking forward to reading more about them.

  26.  Avatar

    Are we there yet? I want to come along. – Amy [mcnickgirl]

  27.  Avatar

    Thanks for the invitation. eric

  28.  Avatar

    Mystics are as mystics do… and I’m still here.

  29.  Avatar

    We found you~ but will you find us?


  30.  Avatar

    Alex, I’m here – good to see you, especially to see you in the mystic sense of the word…


  31.  Avatar

    Are we supposed to be saying “Here” or “Present”????


  32.  Avatar

    Art is here…as opposed to there, I guess.

  33.  Avatar

    Found it…


  34.  Avatar

    Lori’s in. Tag. YOU’RE IT!!

  35.  Avatar

    i’m late but i’m here…


  36.  Avatar

    katie’s here, but a bit confused by the mystic language.


  37.  Avatar

    I’m in…


  38.  Avatar

    Alex – glad to be part of the quest. JVD

  39.  Avatar

    Looking forward to following your new blog….rj3b here…up in Ottawa – Canada…

  40.  Avatar

    thanks for leading the way alex.


  41.  Avatar

    found it too!

    Crashing Forward

  42.  Avatar


    A mystic – how will you know when you’ve found one? I suspect you have to be one to recognize one. And if you’re not one but destined to be one, something in you will recognize something in another that evokes a desire to investigate and follow.

    Do you know exactly who it is you’re looking for? If so then define “mystic”. Somebody (or many) might just raise a hand and say “present”.

    A Mystic Nation – this implies a connection or awareness of each other if such a nation already exists. A shared geography of some manner although not in the literal sense. Or do none of the inhabitants know about each other yet and the goal is to find them, connect them, and congeal them into this nation? Define “Mystic Nation”.

    Hunger is the food of the mystic, Alex. Your hunger will determine your success.

    G. from W.

  43. Alex Avatar


    They exist I’m beginning to suspect. Individually they are known as mystic warriors but corporately they are know as “The Mystic”.

    Definitions — Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ll pull together the clues I have and offer some tentative definitions.

    Good to hear from you. When in November will you be in LA?

  44. Alex Avatar

    hey all, thanks for letting me know you’re here. i’ll keep working on this blog as well as on iMosaic until it does what we want.

    we’re still waiting on some others to come in out of the fog and let us know they’ve arrived.

  45.  Avatar

    Hey Alex, This is Brian, SecondSunday. I’m a Systems Administrator. If I can help with iMosaic in anyway let me know.

  46.  Avatar


    Right now the date set is Nov. 10-13, possibly a day or two longer if I can swing it. That’s a BIG “if”, though.


  47. Alex Avatar

    Brian, thanks so much. i’m sure you can help me with iMosaic. what does a systems admin do? email me at

  48.  Avatar

    In the myst. Dexmo

  49. steve watson Avatar

    I’m here and ready for the journey!

    Breathe fire.

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