Welcome IMN 2005 Cohort

IMN 2005 Cohort

Welcome to the first IMN 2005 reconnect. Please enter the comment section below and let us know you’re here.


  • 2005 cohort try to figure out what “line up” means
  • 2005 cohort eating, again

85 thoughts on “Welcome IMN 2005 Cohort

  1. Welcome mentors. You belong here.

    We’re scheduled to interact today from 10AM – 11AM (PST). Hopefully this wil give it the feel of a real time interaction. We’ll see.

    First of all, i’m glad you’re here. I know Octavio has been emailing you and maybe even calling you. As of right now only Dale has mentioned that he won’t be able to join us because he will be on vacation. We’ll miss ya Dale.

    That reminds me, as we begin, I’d like to suggest we reconnect again as a cohort sometime around November. I feel this cohort is unique and will make a huge difference in the world in the years to come.

    So, make a comment to let us all know you’re here and tell us how your families are doing.

  2. Alex,

    Hey guys. I am looking forward to participating in the conversation. Actually, I am most excited about seeing you guys speak.


  3. hey everyone,

    octavio here.
    alex is stuck on the 101 on his way to san francisco.
    as soon as traffic clears…he log in at a starbucks or borders…. stay tuned.

  4. so…
    when you log in, please say hello and let us know a couple of things:
    1 – how are you and your family doing?
    2 – what have you applied to your ministry that you learned from the IMN?
    3 – what have you done with StrengthFinders.

    here’s mine:
    1 – we are doing well. we are planning a music video with duSol and we’re working with the red corss to host a bllod drive. further… looking at a gospel/blues brunch at the club. we’re small, but with big dreams!
    2 – i’ve applied SF to our church. more than this… i feel free to experoement.
    3 – i took 12 folks through the SF. we did charge $35 for the textbook and 4 hours of training. good response. we will have a reconnect in september and a new class in october.

    what about you guys?

  5. Eric,

    Good to see your voice. How is the new church going? Octavio, thanks for doing Alex’s dirty work. It it really 101 or did he miss his alarm.

  6. The joys of small town life. The only time we get stuck in traffic is when people see a garage sale and block the roads so they can go. Look forward to reconnecting with all of you.

  7. 1- doing well, my son turns five today and went to his first day of kinder; sad note, we had to put down our dog of 12 years (very special, first anniv. present) on monday…very hard to do.
    2- started a new group with church plant of college age/20 somethings and are off to a rockin’ start, very excited and they are pumped to goout and be missional
    3-getting people on board is slow, lots of busy folks; but making strides to use and help people learn more

  8. Oh Great One,

    The family is doing well. All the children are accounted for. The new church is about to kill us- that’s good- I think. We are all about Strengthsfinders. Our core is very excited about learning this incredible tool.

  9. Clyde, man , you too! I’ve been praying and thinking about/for you guys…checked out your web site!

    We had our first “service” on the 7th. had a room for 50…75 showed up with about 20 kids!!! the cofe and donuts went fast!

    We move to a room that will hold 300 the first sun of sept. If we didn’t we’d need to go to 2 services next week ( our current room only holds 50ish!!)

    lots of excitement and hope!

  10. Eric,

    I am excited about the news on the new work. God has provided about 42 adults and 20 kids in our core. We completed what we called a “core immersion” this sunday to walk our core through the environments. Thanks Mosaic for modeling this. Our people are very excited.

  11. Me and my family are doing well. No complaints being in good old sunny south orange county california.
    I have given all my leaders (about 18of them) the SF. We had a great response, the difficulty is now them taking ownership and using those strengths. They still feel they need dirrection. I have also given them the Character Matrix as a tool.

  12. Vickie and I are doing well. Our trip to Great Britian was very relaxing and it was fun to experience a new culture. It was nice to have ice in my drink again – and free refills. My son and his family got settled in right before we left and seem to be doing fine. It was hard to leave them knowing that we probably won’t see them for but once a year.

    Our students come back this Sunday so life is about to get very hectic. I will be meeting with my interns this weekend and part of our discussion will on SF and character matrix (CM). I want to develop a way to have these as part of a life growth plan for each of our students. So, that will be a major part of our discussion as we meet.

    Individually, I just started meeting with a friend that serves as music minister in a local church and is a school adminstrator. We are going to go through the CM together and then move on to strengths. I have also shared both of these with several people within our organization and that has really been fun. To revisit what we talked about and learned was very enjoyable and brought back memories.

  13. I’m glad to hear that you (Dusty, Octavio and Clyde) have taken your leaders through the Strengths.

    Did they take to the idea of not focusing on improving weaknesses but on focusing on strengths?

  14. Remember to refresh after each post. That way the new comments will appear for you.

    Gene, glad to hear you’re using both tools [the CM and the SF]. Excellent.

  15. Guys,

    I am excited about SF, I believe it God’s way of leveling out an organization and moving it into an organism status. So far that is the result we have experienced.

  16. I have a few that have a hard time with it. Most of them want to know their weaknesses just say they know. It seems to be easier to point out weaknesses than strengths though.

  17. we were very surprised…many we just visiting/supporting..sure we’ll level off in the next couple of weeks

    i had 9 20 somethings at my house last week and began to share info and thoughts from our 21st leader talk…they got it, not only that but began to relate ideas of what it means to be leaders of the future form the future and how they desire something more that “structured” church tends to offer…very exciting!

  18. Alex,

    Erik and I took our leadership team strengths. We complied each team members “genius” of the five strengths on an single sheet of paper. Each team member read off their strengths and the other team members affirmed them. It turned out to be a unique bonding situation.

  19. When I took my leaders through it I did it much like Chip, where I had the people with the strength describe what it was like to have that strength. As we went through them, most of everyone affirmed the person with their strength by saying yeah I totally see that in you. Or that makes sense why you do that. It was neat

  20. Hello gentlemen! Good to reconnect with you all. We actually had a retreat a while back in which our team discussed SF. In our situation regarding SF, we found these two foundational mindsets:

    1. Paradigm shift. Affirmation of how people are wired and the lens by which we look at people.

    2. Language. It’s been really helpful for us to have the language with which to converse with one another. More than trying to make it programmatic, we’re trying to build that langauge into our culture.

  21. Alex,

    Is Rick Yamoto going to carry the strengthsfinders torch? So one has got to do it. Is this the future mission for the IMN? I am in with whoever is going to carry the torch.

  22. Hi guys,

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party…

    1. Family is well, we just returned from a week’s vacation to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Seattle, so I’m feeling a little jet lag today.

    2. I’m walking our leaders through what might be some major changes in moving our church further towards the missional way of living. I told some of you in May that we would be considering the sale of our property and building, and undergoing a replant. I’ve proposed that to our leaders, and they’re favorable to the idea, so now it’s a matter of getting the logistics in place for that to happen. If it does, I think it’s going to help us really begin to impact our community.

    3. While we’re undergoing these changes, I’m also preparing to take our leaders through the Strengthsfinder. I already did so with one guy I’m specifically mentoring, and I’ll be doing so with the others starting next month.

  23. ditto to clyde’s comment…i’ve started to talk to business leaders in our community and connect with the manager of a low income/artist housing prject to share SF with them…

  24. Clyde, The IMN is creating a Strenghts Think tank. The goal of it is to become the leading Strengths based mentoring community on the planet. All of you are invited to be a part.

  25. I’ve asked Joe Dworak of Bethel Seminary and an experienced Strengths coach to join the IMN faculty this year. He’ll be adding his experience and knowledge to our pool.

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