Welcome IMN 2005 Cohort

IMN 2005 Cohort

Welcome to the first IMN 2005 reconnect. Please enter the comment section below and let us know you’re here.


  • 2005 cohort try to figure out what “line up” means
  • 2005 cohort eating, again

85 responses to “Welcome IMN 2005 Cohort”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Joseph, good to hear from you.

  2. Dusty Avatar

    What I am having a hard time with is actually having my leaders move from an understanding of this is who I am to looking for and creating ways to use their strengths. What is a good transition for that?
    Is it something that I will initially have to create and let them thrive, or what? I just dont want this to be another informational thing that never moves forward.

  3. Clyde Rountree Avatar
    Clyde Rountree

    We are planning on using SF for our evangelism immersion strategy into various sub-divisions with the hope of fulfulling one of our core values “the church outside the walls.” Eric, rigth on, I think the business community will eat it up.

  4. Alex Avatar

    I’ll see if Eric Bryant will give a one day orientation to the Leadership Matrix at the IMN site. We’ll try to provide you the guide as well.

  5. Dusty Avatar

    thanks alex I really appreciate that

  6. Eric Avatar

    dusty I worry about the same (happens all to frequently). I think SF has to become part of the culture…I’m working with my lead about that. if is only an assessment that’s done and then not encouraged and used, what;s the point?

    alex, i’m sure you guys have expereinces of making SF a cultural piece…

  7. Gene Avatar

    Don’t forget educators. That is one reason I am going through it with my friend. He already told me he could think of several people that really needed to work through both SF and CM.

  8. Alex Avatar

    Eric, one way to connect is to participate in the IMN Alumni track. Also, Joe will be leading a acouple of online training sessions at the IMN site.

  9. Clyde Rountree Avatar
    Clyde Rountree


    That is the pressing question. How do you it apply it to ministry? Honestly, most churches are not dialed in to allowing people’s strengths to flourish. I think the solution is to redefine church. Easy huh?

  10. Eric Avatar

    clyde, that’s what it is all coming to…our church model/map needs ot be changed, right alex!

  11. Eric Avatar

    alex, I’m into it…I’ll be looking for more. I feel like the plant in “little shop of horrors”…”feed me, feed me!” but it’s really for building and seeing people follow Christ.

  12. Alex Avatar

    Whenever we take new ground we’ll need new maps. In some ways, we’re the guys who go out before there are maps.

  13. Gene Avatar

    Dusty, when i talked to Rick about SF he said to be careful not to try and over do it. I had planned on taking all our student staff (60 students) through it and he recommended I do a much smaller group. That way there could be accountability and encouragement otherwise he said they found out the hard way at Mosaic, people see it as just more info and actually have negative feeling for it because it didn’t really do anything for them.

  14. Alex Avatar

    Dusty, that’s a greaqt question…how to move people to action based on their strengths. Don’t remove their repsonsiblity to be stewards of their own strengths and lives before God.

    Insist and encourage them to tell you how they want to serve. Encourage them to create. Help them own their own ministries and help them be responsible for what they now know.

  15. Dusty Avatar

    Thats a good word Gene. I felt that 18 wasnt to much but maybe it was.

    The nice thing is that I am working with youth and I am redefining church in a lot of ways, its just slow going. But I thought if I could get my leaders to take ownership and understand the strengths the rest of the group would soon follow.

  16. Alex Avatar

    hey guys, time is almost up. Thanks for taking time out of your schedules to invest in each other.

    Shall we reconnect sometime in November? What say you.

  17. Dusty Avatar

    Great stuff Alex. Thanks. Its the simple stuff.

  18. Eric Avatar

    i agree dusty, thanks gene. we all too aften get excited about somehting then totally over do it and burn/freak people out…

  19. Alex Avatar

    excellent thoughts, Joseph.

  20. Eric Avatar

    YES to re-connection…i thrive in it…thsi was way too quick…but great to do.

  21. Dusty Avatar

    I am willing to reconnect when ever and where ever with you guys.

    It is always good catching up and gaining insight from you guys. Thanks

  22. Gene Avatar

    I am going to start with 10 but am really going to be sensitive about how many ca be encouraged and challenged like Alex said to serve using their strengths. Perhaps having some of the natural relationshipd they have hold them accountable and encourage them may allow more people. I look forward to hearing how it works for you Dusty because you’re right in that the leaders will set the culture.

  23. Alex Avatar

    OK. You’ll hear from me about the dates for our next reconnect. See you all.

  24. Gene Avatar

    look forward to Nov

  25. Eric Avatar

    thanks for taking the time everyone, especialy you alex, drive safely.

    i wish sacramento as a bit closer to san fran i’d come and see you.

  26. Dusty Avatar

    Take care everyone. Enjoy the journey

  27. Clyde Rountree Avatar
    Clyde Rountree

    Hey guys,

    How about reconnecting in Aspen in the first week in December. My edges are getting rusty. The IMN budget can probably rent us a cabin…possibly even airfare. What do think Alex?

  28. Eric Avatar

    I love dreamers! Is that a strength?

  29. Dusty Avatar

    If the budget can handle it I am there

  30. Clyde Rountree Avatar
    Clyde Rountree

    You and me baby!

  31. Mike Harris Avatar

    Hey all— I’m finely here!!
    Sorry I missed most of the conversation. I’ll have to catch up on all that was said.

  32. Mike Harris Avatar

    OK….so I’m really late…. For some reason I thought PCT was 4 hours difference…

    So, in case anyone comes back:

    The fam is doing great. Making preparations to move our oldest daughter into college on 29th.
    It’s been an incredibly full summer. I led a mission team to Trinidad, and God just poured out his Spirit on our team. Really great stuff.

    We’re getting ready to baptize over 15 people on the 28th. I say “over 15” because that was the last count I had, but more phone calls have come in this week. I’ve been meeting with all the people, and listening to their stories is AWESOME! I’ll post some pictures on the blog after the event.

    I haven’t done much with SF yet just because the summer has been so intense for me. I am planning to introduce it into the leadership team this fall. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.

    That’s about it on my end.

    Alex, I just noticed you’re doing an Origins roundtable on September 9th in this area. Is there anything I can help with?

  33. Eric Avatar

    Hey Mike,

    Just wanted you to know that I’m here for ya…!

    Bummer about the time thing…Keith can relate 😉

    Excited to here about your adventures! Awesome stuff going on.

    Look forward to reading about your baptisms!

  34. Alex Avatar

    Mike, welcome. Great news about the baptisms. About the Round Table…help me get the word out and encourage people to register. They can do so at my site http://www.internationalmentoringnetwork or via my blog alexmcmanus.org.

    Thanks. As part of the IMN 2005 cohort, you get one complementary pass. Hope to see you there.

  35. Dale Swinburne Avatar

    Hi all…still on vaca but was able to sneak to the comp to try to connect but am woefully later than the late :/ (That emote was for you Alex! I know u love ’em.)

    The family and I are doing well. It has been a very busy summer and with 4 kids they really have us running around but in the good way.

    Since IMN I have started a new group for ‘young-ish’ adults in our area. We take our time together and try to broaden our horizons with experiences in our world. Whether it be world events or different foods or cultural characteristics different from our own. We take these experiences and treat them as doorways into relationships with people that before we might’ve known little about. This has served to start bringing us to a more missional approach to our life and our world, realizing that the world is outside of our personal box.

    I’ve just run through StrengthsQuest with my first group of leaders (from the young adults group) and it’s been great. A lot of this has been said but I’ve seen paradigm shifts in perspectives as well. The 6 people I’ve taken through it have said things like…”I never thought those things were positives in my life.” “I never thought I was ‘good’ at anything.” Now I see them revitalized and energized. Passionate or unlocked are good words too. But also in their perception of others there has been changes. They have the pre-conceived idea now that everyone has strengths…they just need to be discovered. So in summary it has been awesome.

    Great to read all of your comments!! Sorry again for missing out. Look forward to Nov.


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