Celebrating 6 Months of “Into the Mystic…”

Welcome back.


When I first started blogging on February 23rd of this year, I was usually the only one who read my posts. Well, there was Michael, my son, who got me blogging.

Suddenly and without warning our lone voices were joined by yours, and it was your voices that turned “into the mystic…” into one of the most unique and significant communities in the western world. [Yes, I think the “mystic” community is both unique and significant.]

THANKS to all of who who came and created such amazing community here at “into the mystic…” In a very real way, this is our blog.

As a result, I’m doing a “The Best of…” from those early days to celebrate 6 months as a blogger. These are posts most of you never read. I’m looking forward to your input. The first will come your way on Tuesday: Exegeting Culture Part 1: Developing Eyes to See.

Today I just want to say, Thank you.

Six months ago I knew very few of you. Today I count you as among my closest friends.

Many of you (photographically captured here in all your glory) have been in my home. Our home and our lives are richer because your journey intersected ours.

I’m certain that we will cross paths with many more of you in the days, weeks and months to come.

Photographs: Some of our Blog friends who’ve been to our home

Again, happy six-months and thanks, You belong here.

Into the Mystic…

Alex McManus

13 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Months of “Into the Mystic…”

  1. Alex, you introduced me to the world of the blog and I can’t tell you how it has enriched my life, like you I know include some of the people who are part of this community as amongst my closest friends. Thanks for your vision and friendship.

  2. I went back through some old posts. I remember reading my first post on the Feb 25 post but it took me over a month before I got the courage to write a comment (Apr 5). It’s been a changing, challenging and growing experience.

    Thank you for showing us a new world.

    breathe fire.

  3. It’s cool to see how my life has radically changed in the last 6 months, just as a result of blogging, and you have had much to do with it! Your family are treasures to me and I eagerly await seeing you all again…
    More mystical that 6 months ago,

  4. I too, like so many above have been impacted by your passion for connecting through technology. You’re the reason I started blogging and it has added an amazing diminsion to my life–and I pray the ripples will continue with others in all our lives.

    Peace to you.

  5. yes, in agreement with eveyrone here – thank you! your thoughts both online and in person have inspired and challenged both chris & me, you and your family’s hospitality, graciousness, grilling and walks to starbucks for desert have enriched us. we are truly blessed knowing you guys.

    and i think by “redefinined kindness” octavio actually means “fed me a lot. keep it up, chums!”


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