Welcome back.

Jason Dukes, Mark Weible and me.

I’m continuing my celebration from last Friday marking 6 Months of posting here at “Into the Mystic…” Six months ago, when I first started this blog, we had a rich discussion on whether or not real relationships could be built in a medium like this one. For many of us, that question has been answered.

Erica McManus.

Others have yet to ask this question. Be patient with them when they come. Eventually they’ll find you and the community that inhabits this dimension as they feel their way through the myst.

Marvin Moore.

What is happening here has precedents in the history of online interaction, but never with the kind of intentionality and subversive purpose that we here. In many ways, I think we’re pointing the way towards a new form of the Christ following movement.

Largely this is so because of the influence my “search for The Mystic” has had on me. I’ll continue the narrative and reveal my latest findings to you soon.

Bill Clark, John Caterson and me.

Each person shown here has BOTH commented and contributed to the conversation here and have met f2f with me either here at my home or somewhere out there.

Brian Russel and me.

Performing artists, homemakers, construction workers, seminary profs, church planters, pastors, presidents of music labels, professors of political science, superheroes, mosaic interns, students, Educators, designers, accountants…have all found their way here to “Into the mystic.” And through here many of you have also found each other.

Michael McManus.

Looking back I discovered that [after my son, Michael and a nice young teenager from Texas], my young friend Cliff Bragg was the first to post a comment. Thanks Cliff for helping me get things going.

Cliff Bragg and Jason Jaggard.

Tony Sheng, Dale Swinburne, and Mark Weible were right on Cliff’s heels. All four of these guys are still integral parts of this community through their comments here and through their own blogs.

Dominic and Niza.


The first to subscribe to “Into the Mystic”: #1] Michael McManus. Thanks, son. My second subscriber was me. Early subscribers include #3] Jovanna Villela #4] Cliff Bragg #5] Phillip Kim #6] Derek Webster #7] Mark Weible #8] Marvin Moore #9] Jacob Peterson …and rounding out the top ten #10] Deana Watson.

Me and Thorsten.

I’ve got some very exciting topics coming up that will be sure to create a fire storm. What’s new? That happens here and some get a bit singed but we all generally emerge stronger.


Did I mention the radio station? The podcasting? The videoblogs? The new blogging community I hope each and everyone of you will join — word is we’re actually getting somewhere now. Stay tuned.

The Phantom.

Your voices are what have made this place an interesting place to hang out. Thank you for a terrific 6 months. You belong here.

Into the Mystic…

Alex McManus


12 responses to “Celebrating 6 Months of “Into the Mystic…” Part II”

  1. James Petticrew Avatar
    James Petticrew

    Wow it was (is) a great journey good memories

  2. Brian Russell Avatar

    I am excited by the momentum that has already been created. I’ve been doing some reading this summer on revival movements within my own tradition, and interestingly, many of these spread via the publication and distribution of periodical literature. Going back five hundred years, Luther made great use of the printed medium. The blogosphere offers the unprecedented opportunity for us to communicate widely, quickly, and substantively to get the message out. I am looking forward to the next six months…

  3. Nate Bettger Avatar

    I would agree that this is fascinating. I find traces of the Mystic here in St Paul, seeing it growing, and I remain on the edge of my seat in anticipation for what God will do through this medium. It is so fun to see how people can come together, as I see photos of people I talk to on a regular basic (ie Joe and Danielle, Sam, sometimes Thorsten) and others who i interact with so regularly through the blog. Keep searching and may God bring us all together sooner than later. Nate

  4. Danielle Dworak Avatar

    I have found many “kindred spirits” in this community of blogging. 🙂 I have loved reading the thoughts, opinions and experiences of others – it has helped me really see the Church as a movement of people who long to make a difference in the world….not a theory, but reality.

  5. Matt Avatar

    Hi Alex – just letting you know our church has placed “Into the Mystic” as a link on our site! Thanks for your words!

  6. djchuang Avatar

    thrilled to see you’re connected to the blogosphere via WordPress now.. into the mystic all the way! 🙂

  7. Cliff Avatar


    You are taking (and have taken) blogging to another dimension. Undiscovered universes existing parallel to our own?

    I’m glad to be a tiny part of all of this. It is truly a journey of monumental proportions.

    You have been a dynamic and vital person in my personal spiritual journey, a voyage with many obstacles (personal and other). Thanks for being honest with me and for encouraging me to walk towards the furnace.


  8. Dennis Avatar

    I can’t wait to see some videoblogs.

  9. tony sheng Avatar

    I agree with everyone else’s thoughts here. You have taken blogging deep and brought out conversation and dialogue that has resonated with a lot of people.. so thanks! We all appreciate it!
    ps – I have that exact shirt that Toby is wearing.

  10. Mike Avatar

    I’m in a ministry in a small town and don’t have a lot of chance for interaction with ministry peers. It’s been a blessing to be involved in and observe these conversations. Thanks.

  11. Deana Watson Avatar

    Wow…in the top ten. At that point I didn’t know you could see who was subscribing to your page. Quite a little feature! I truly feel like we’ve made deep friendships here! So glad to be connected.

    ph and by the way…my name has one “n” in it. 🙂

  12. Joshua Shanklin Avatar

    Thanks Rafiki. The conversations here have generated great conversations in other places too. Thanks for opening portals to The Mystic.

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