Hey guys, for one hour today (10 AM -11 AM PST), I’ve invited the Alliance for a
time of reconnection here at “Into the mystic…”. Welcome.

However, since this is my personal blog, please be sure to read the “Disclaimer”
in the frame on the right hand panel called “Pages”.

So, if you’re an Alliance member, click on the comment link below and join the conversation.


66 responses to “Welcome MOSAIC ALLIANCE”

  1. Octavio Avatar

    i have iChat/iSight.

  2. David Brittain Avatar

    If your question is whether it has been a good thing for me to stay here six years and make these changes, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Actually, I was greatly encouraged by Erwin sharing his experience at Mosaic, as mine has been much the same here. As Alex said at Origins, when people understand that God is on the move, the life flows into them. The propect of being a part of a church that is willing to crash the darkness inflames peoples’ minds and hearts.

  3. Alex Avatar


    1] ORIGINS — May 22-24, 2006

    2] Regional training — I’ll be host regional training events in Detroit, Montreal, Providence and Atlanta. If you know someone in these areas, let them know. They can register here at my blog (“Regional Events”)

    3] Later this week you’ll hear a podcast about serving the homeless with Dean and Tina Sharp.

    I think’s that it for the reminders.

  4. Octavio Avatar

    this was good.
    thanks everyone.

  5. Dean Sharp Avatar


    And Skype can now handle 5-way conference calling.

  6. Eric Devine Avatar
    Eric Devine

    Good being with you all. God bless you and yours, eric

  7. Geoffrey Baines Avatar

    Where’s the hour gone? I’ve really appreciated beginning to look at these areas – the earlier comments about it being a good way of connecting are right.

    David, I’m heartened to hear you speak so enthusiastically about your situation. I guess I’m trying to get through to a more significant year – I’m about to go into year five and the review of my appointment is in full swing. Keep going.

  8. Alex Avatar

    Moving people from “Information” to “transformation”.

    Principle #1] ALL human transformation happens “within” the person. Therfore the only transformation that can happen happens when the person himself wills it, embraces it, chooses it.

    Corresponding application] The key role of a life change agent is to ask questions and listen for where the person in need-of-change is struggling to surrender or wrestling with change at a primal level. Strategy: Pray for the person, listen to the person, ask questions and challenge the person’s will.

  9. stephen Avatar

    good thoughts to all
    looking forward to this again A and O. maybe we can try to get together via the web at least bi-monthly? (or even monthly)

  10. Dean Sharp Avatar


    Yes, yes. The listener/questioner gets the chance to perceive the pathways into people’s hearts.

  11. Alex Avatar

    Hey guys, That’s it for now. Thank you for investing time today. I hope this has been helpful.

    Are you interested in meeting again? Maybe sometime in early December. Let us know and we’ll make it happen.


  12. Geoffrey Baines Avatar

    I’m in for December. This has been a good time to meet too – early evening over here. Good night from the UK everyone. I’ll be printing off our conversation and praying through all that’s been shared.

  13. john edgar Avatar

    Sorry I missed today, just finished my meeting. Call me this week if you get a chance. I have a venture capitalist question for you.

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