Leadership Development Opportunities

Welcome back.

Some of you know that I started a mentoring network this year. Here are some upcoming opportunities.


Do you live in NEW ENGLAND? Join me for a conversation in Providence, Rhode Island on October 3rd. This is a training event. Online registration is available and the price is discounted if you register before September 25.

Do you live in Central FLORIDA? Join me for a conversation in Orlando, Florida on October 18th. This is a training event. Online registration is available and the price is discounted if you register before October 10th.

Do you live in Southern CALIFORNIA? Join me on November 9th for the first informal IMN get together for southern California. This is a networking event. There is no fee. If you’re a church planter/ pastor / leader in the Mosaic Alliance, the ORIGINS experience network, the IMN, or if you’re just a church planter/ leader that wants to connect, let me know either here via my blog or at alex@mosaic.org. Because of space concerns, in order to get details like location, you’ll need to express an interest first.

The dates for the annual ORIGINS experience have been set for May 22-24, 2006.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus


17 responses to “Leadership Development Opportunities”

  1. Sally Schilling Avatar
    Sally Schilling

    Nov 9th – You buy, I’ll fly?

  2. john edgar Avatar

    Count me in for November 9th! je

  3. Mike Goldsworthy Avatar

    Alex…i’m in. let me know the details when you get a chance.


  4. Mike Goldsworthy Avatar

    sorry…meant to say that i’m in for the one in so cal

  5. Sam Radford Avatar

    I read that too quickly and got all excited at seeing “England” only to be disappointed when I noticed the “New”!

  6. James Petticrew Avatar
    James Petticrew

    Sam I noticed that Erwin is speaking somewhere in England in December, that’s old England

  7. Sam Radford Avatar

    Yeah? Do you have any more information about that James (or Alex) (or anyone!)?

  8. Deana Watson Avatar

    Hi Sam,

    Here is Erwin’s Website. It has his schedule on there.

  9. Joshua Shanklin Avatar

    Jonathan had mentioned something about a stop in Nashville or Chattanooga or both in December?

  10. Alex Avatar


    I’m not sure at this moment, but I’m working on it.


  11. Lori Avatar

    And there’s always Catalyst in October… we have to do dinner!

  12. Mark Hoelterhoff Avatar

    I don’t live in New England, Central Florida, Southern California or America for that matter. Luckily this community is not bound by geography. I don’t think you can get more out of the way than Lithuania. Will IMN go virtual?

  13. Alex Avatar


    The IMN offers online classes. We just completed The Barbarian Way with Erwin. Up next (this November) is the Strengths Finder and How to Lead A Creative Arts Community. Go to http://www.internationalmentoringnetwork.com for details.
    Also, I’m hoping to open an IMN center in Europe. A couple of centers, actually.

  14. Sam Radford Avatar

    What would an IMN centre look like Alex?

  15. Greg from Winnipeg Avatar

    Darn! I’m going to just miss the 9th! I fly in to LA on Nov. 10th. (Fly out on the 14th).

  16. Cindy Norman Avatar

    Would I be able to be a part of the Southern Cal. one?


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