Coaching on the East Coast this week

into the mystic…

Welcome back.

Sunday Night — arrive in NYC and drive to Providence.

Monday Morning — Begin coaching at 9.00 AM and Finish at 3.00PM

Monday Evening — Have dinnner with Kingdom assets: The McNamars, Swinburnes and Axmans.

Tuesday Morning — Pick up Kingdom asset Paul Gomez at Rhode Island Airport

Tuesday Afternoon — meet with Kingdom assets Jon Simpson (Atlanta), Paul Gomez (NYC), Dale Swinburne, and Keith McNamar 11.30 AM –3.30PM.

Tuesday Evening — drive to NYC

Tuesday Night — dine in Manhattan

Wednesday Morning — fly to Atlanta

Wednesday Afternoon — coach at Catalyst

Wednesday Night — Dine with Kingdom assets from across the USA

Thursday — Met with conspirators for the Kingdom throughout the day

Thursday Night — dinner with Mystic Warrior, John C, and Kingdom assets Tim, Stacey and friends.

Friday Morning — Erwin hits a homerun at Catalyst. Hurrying to check out of my hotel to head home tonight. Will catch Malcolm Gladwell before I go.

Zeroing in on The Mystic.

16 thoughts on “Coaching on the East Coast this week

  1. Good to hear from you Alex. Sounds like a great week you’ve had! Hope you’ve had a good time at Catalyst…been picking up peoples comments on various blogs and sounds like its been great so far.

  2. Alex,

    Thanks so much for visiting out here on the East Coast. I think some good things were accomplished here, and I’m looking forward to how the journey continues from here.


  3. Top 3 at Catalyst (no parituclar order): Erwin McManus, Donald Miller, and Malcolm Gladwell. Wait. Top 4, no particular order- add Louie Giglio. It was pretty good.

    I’d never heard Don or Malcolm speak before. Glad to see things went well. Have a good one.


  4. I assume you aren’t going to be around at Bethel with your brother this next week? I would be cool to have you around, seeing as Erwin is speaking on the Mystic Warrior. I think I will probably be grinning as I see some people rejoicing in something they have experienced, and others jumping on board because it sounds cool. It’s growing. it’s growing… and God is bringing us together.

  5. Alex,

    Things have been so nuts I completely forgot that you were going to be at Catalyst. I would have loved to have gotten to meet and learn from you. It all went by too quickly! Erwin had to do this trip. 😉 I’m definitely going to have to order his message to listen to it a again and pass it out to others.

    But hey, that’s the great thing about our lovely bloging world. I get to learn and get to know you everytime I get to my computer.

  6. Alex,

    I was trying to register for the Orlando round table but the Acteva registration was closed for the event. Can I still get in on the gathering and can you tell me where it will be held? Thanks! -PHil

  7. Alex,
    It was great to finally meet you at Catalyst. I enjoyed out conversation I am planning on coming out in may and bringing at least a couple of our leaders as well if possible. I look forward to exploring the mystic and learning from you guys.

  8. Alex,
    It was great getting to say hello at catalyst. You’re right, we should have planned a lunch or something. Seems there were several people there. It would have been cool to get everyone together.


  9. Alex,

    Thank you for your time at Catalyst! It was great getting to know you and the team better. Both you and Erwin did a phenominal job at the conference~ I love to watch your eyes light up when you have something very “mystical” to say…
    You have so much to offer the movement of Christ. Forward!

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