Voxtropolis World Map

Welcome back. You belong here.

Who will be finding their voices at voxtropolis.com? Check it out…

Voxtropolis World Map

Hats off and many thanks to Steve Watson , aka “breathe fire”, for yet another brilliant stroke.

The [soon to be launched] blog community known as Voxtropolis.com is one aspect of a multidimensional collaboration to reclaim western culture for Christ. Other complementary aspects are the elusive tribe known as The Mystic, the soon to manifest Voxtropolis cafes and the Culture Pubs. There’s more…

into the mystic…

Alex McManus

4 thoughts on “Voxtropolis World Map

  1. This is really exciting stuff…

    A side note: in the “shout out” section on the vox map, if you want to put your website as a link you need to enter the http:// in front of the www to make it a link.

    Also at the bottom of the page there is html for you to add to your own webpage that will make an icon link back to the map for others to sign up.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this virtual world. I would love to get your thoughts on my first real post at xanga/ericbryant. Is following leading backwards? In other words, what skills do great followers develop which make them great leaders?

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