Fall Highlights

Welcome back.

This has been an amazing fall season here at “into the mystic…” Here’s a partial update.

  • The Voxtropolis blog community is in “pre-beta” testing phase. Thanks to all of you who’ve volunteered to be beta testers. We’ll soon open the site for you to check out.
  • We are now piloting a new, wholistic, multidimensional, comprehensive and daring Kingdom advancement strategy called the VoxCafe and Underground Culture Pubs.
  • We had a terrific time at the Round Table in Montreal and in Rhode Island (Joseph of MosaicBoston and Keith) and,

while in Rhode Island, we met with the Alliance Navigation Team members (Paul Gomez, Jon Simpson) and IMN Alumni (Dale Swinburne, Octavio Martinez, Keith McNamar)

and conspired to bring a National ORIGINS experience to NYC in November /December 2006. Until Voxtropolis, NYC was the center of the Universe and still has a good claim to it in the concrete world.

  • We celebrated Niza’s Birthday.

  • We shot a music video for the third track of the doSul CD called “Dreams”.

  • We completed a two-year process of successfully piloting in Europe and the US every facet of the doSul Music church planting strategy. Thanks to Derek Webster, Audamir Nascente, John Edgar Caterson, Octavio Martinez and Dean Sharp who helped test different aspects even before we knew it would work. To me the most amazing things happening aren’t found in the “big name” churches, but in the world where guys like you are putting boots on the ground.

  • Coming up soon

    into the mystic…

    Alex McManus


    6 responses to “Fall Highlights”

    1. tony sheng Avatar

      Love it.
      Whatever I can do to help out with Origins NYC, let me know, even though Im in Baltimore…

    2. Keith Avatar


      Loved being part of this Mystic Fall. Looking forward to what is still to come.


    3. Lori Avatar

      I loved seeing you so much this fall! What a treat! You know I will be honored and humbled to be a mystic guide. I await outside the hidden door with my cloak in my hand.

    4. Sam Avatar

      Exciting stuff…things are hotting up!

    5. john edgar Avatar

      Alex- love being part of the mystic! Can’t wait to get back to Cali to hang once again. je

    6. The Bishop Avatar

      Alex, I’ve really enjoyed the reading, and been challenged in several areas. Thanks. We are in the beginning stages of a new faith community in Lubbock, Tx. I found this site because our sponsor church is Mosaic Arlington, and I was exploring the Mosaic network. I think we’re going to make it to Origins in May. Hope to see you there.

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