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Voxtropolis News

Three brave pioneers have been testing the new voxtropolis blog community
in preparation for the first wave of beta testers. If you’re among those who volunteered, thanks for waiting. ‘Tis almost time.

I’m hoping to create something unique through voxtropolis. Steve Watson sent me an article called ‘Web 2.0’ Has Arrived. Here’s a quote:

“We think the big change on the Internet is not just about getting more and more unique users, but, as we go forward, it’s all about deeper engagement,” said Yahoo CEO Terry Semel during a Thursday morning interview with Battelle.”

My friend, Dean Sharp, who is heading up the art side of the voxtropolis design team and I sense that we’re not just creating a blogging community, we’re building a city. A place where people can find their voices and each other. Voxtropolis —city of voices.

I Apologize in Advance for Missing our Appointment

Last week, Wednesday 23, on the day before Thanksgiving, my Mac was stolen. When the DHL delivery man came to my door, Niza was alert enough to notice that the box was light and that it had been tampered with. We asked the delivery man to open the box and discovered that it was empty. I had already been waiting a week for my G4 to return from the Apple Co. Now, nine days later, I am still without a computer. Here’s the worst part: all my backups worked except for my calendar. So, I’m sorry if you asked me speak at your event sometime in the next six to eight months and I didn’t show up.

Mystic Manifestations: Miami and Atlanta

Next week, I’ll be in MIAMI to prepare for a regional experience on February 7, 2006 and to potentially plan for a unique, culture-shaping National Experience hosted by the International Mentoring Network in February of 2007. If you’re in Miami and want to connect, email me at alex@mosaic.org or comment here. Mystic Manifestations and Movements are all over this one.

I’ll also be in ATLANTA on December 7th with Jon Simpson and Gordon Wohlers of Mosaic Atlanta who are hosting a Round Table . This is shaping up to be a really nice event. If you’re in the Atlanta area, consider joining us.

New Article

Finally, please read and comment on the latest IMN article, The gospel and conversion, leadership development and prayer. Enjoy.

What do you think?

into the mystic…

Alex McManus


20 responses to “Updates…”

  1. Sam Avatar

    Hi Alex, that last link went to an old article called “Exegeting Culture Part 1: Developing Eyes to See” and not to the one you mentioned.

    Any news as to when you might be headed over my side of the pond yet?

  2. Kirk Schneemann Avatar


    I’m sorry to hear about your PowerBook loss. I am heartbroken for you. Regarding the calendar, have you tried .Mac and their Backup program with backups to their server? I just had my hard drive puke on me and in the process of reloading it with data it was comforting to have .Mac and Backup for bookmarks, address book, iCal, etc.

    Alex, I really appreciate you, your passion, and the ways in which you are creating the future. The best is yet to come.



  3. Sam Avatar

    Great interview, Alex. It was interesting the talk about prayer in particular. Within a lot of the emerging church conversations I have come across I haven’t felt huge priority towards prayer and yet I think if there is one thing that generation after generation has passed on, it is the importance of prayer.

    It is interesting to me that the parts of the world where the kingdom is advancing the most rapidly, there is often a much greater emphasis on prayer than there is in other places. I have been consistently challenged in the area of prayer and fasting through the African church network I have been connected to this last five years.

    I think when we spend all our time focusing on methods and strategies at the expence of prayer, something has gone wrong (that is in no way intended to mean that methods and stragegies are unimportant).

    How many times in my own life has prayer essentially been asking God to bless my plans?! I want to live the kind of life that everything I do individually and in community flows out of intimate communion with God.

  4. Nick Avatar

    Alex and others….

    I’ve been prouling this board for a few months now and to say the least my life has been altered.

    Are there others in the KC metro that post? I’m beginning to look for other communities that live missionally.

  5. Sam Avatar

    Speaking of prayer, in the last half hour we have just heard that Rachel’s (my wife) uncle has had a brain scan revealing a brain tumour…we’d appreciate prayer as he (Peter) will be operated on this evening. Many thanks.

  6. Alex Avatar

    sam, i’m glad you finally found the right article. i thought this might happen because some of the mystic rise 9 hours ahead of the rest of us. you were there before my article was.

    prayed for peter and rachel.

    nick, welcome to the future. yes, we have a good representatin in the kansas city area. in fact, i received an email this morning reminded me that i’ll be speaking in that area in february. this has the makings of a mystic manifestation.

  7. Alex Avatar

    sam, i’m glad you finally found the right article. i thought this might happen because some of the mystic rise 9 hours ahead of the rest of us. you were there before my article was. prayed for peter and rachel.

    nick, welcome to the future. yes, we have a good representation in the kansas city area. in fact, i received an email this morning reminding me that i’ll be speaking in that area in february. this has the makings of a mystic manifestation.

  8. Nick Avatar

    How can I find out where you’ll be?

  9. Alex Avatar

    nick, a mystic migration in the kansas city area it is then. i’m being sent the details of my trip and as i get details, we’ll schedule a clandestine rendevous at some dining or coffee hot spot. others will join us i’m sure.

  10. Nick Avatar

    Sounds good.

    Tell Jason Jaggard hello for me.

  11. anne jackson Avatar

    My husband and I are in the KC metro – Shawnee to be exact. 🙂

  12. Nick Avatar


    What church do you attend? My wife and I are beginning to seek for a church that values the ideals on this site.

    We are in N. OP, right next to the village.

  13. eric Avatar


    so very sorry about your computer, horrible ot lose one’s brain…

    …really appreciate how you describe prayer as a “way” not an event; I’m finding more and more that my conversations in my head are prayer moments that make a huge shift in how I relate to those around me…especially walking down the street, more eye contact, more smiles, more “openness” to humanity.

    “conversations”…what a great name for a cultural hub…

  14. eric Avatar

    Anne, Nick- you guys are making me homesick…I grew up north of KC about an hour (near St. Joe); and lived in Westport (off Broadway and 39th) for about 9 months…glad to know you all are there leading others “into the mystic”

  15. The Bishop Avatar

    I got an e-mail from you a couple days ago. Was it really from you or is there the possility that someone is sending e-mails from your powerbook?

  16. Anne Jackson Avatar

    we both attend and work at westside family church in nw shawnee (k7 and about 2 miles west of 435). services are sat 5pm, sunday 8, 9:30, 11:10, 5 and 6:30pm and we have a video venue at 9:30 and 11:10am behind the pizza shoppe off 67th street, across the street and down the road from the church…you can find out more at westsidefamilychurch.com or email me girlnamedanne@hotmail.com. would love to see you!

    eric, westport is one of my favorite areas – i used to work not far from where you used to live. 😉

  17. Joshua Shanklin Avatar
    Joshua Shanklin

    It is a frustrating thing to return from cyborg to human. It’s frustrating too that those who comandeered your cyborg brain only wanted it for the brain itself, not the contents. If they only knew the contents were revolutionary they may be able to get a larger price on the cyborg brain black market. And yet, maybe they knew all along exactly what it is they have in their possession…

    We’ll see you next week in Atlanta. Godspeed!

  18. Josiah Hultgren Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about your accosted Macintosh!

    But, as far as vox and the future of the web is concerned; these are exciting times indeed. I cannot express to you my relief to see so many rise with you in order to do God’s work in the evolution of his church.

  19. mixed_moss Avatar

    “…Second, understanding that the gospel comes to us on its way to others reminds us that the gospel creates community. However, this community is not for ourselves. It is community for others, those outside the reach of the gospel. We are not called to isolate our selves from others, especially the unreached for whom Christ defeated death….”

    What a great insight! The one hiccup in Christian community that has always bothered me is the fact that communities seem inevitably torn between building each other up and reaching new members for Christ. Does anyone have any stories or ideas about how to keep a community from becoming so focused on one that they unwittingly (or intentionally) neglect the other?

  20. eve Avatar

    hi alex, nice to hear from you. blogged again! maybe we can skype sometime?! love and hugs to everybody, eve

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