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Here’s a list…

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  • MUST SEE movie/documentary: Born Into Brothels -2005 rated R . If you appreciated Crash, you will be m o v e d by Born Into Brothels. It will help you remember why doing something to make the world a better place matters.

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into the mystic…

Alex McManus


6 responses to “List for the Day”

  1. Deana Watson Avatar

    We watched Born Into Brothels this past summer…it was amazing. It breaks your heart and gives hope at the same time.

  2. Steve Norman Avatar


    I’ll have to check out the movie. Harvey is doing a whole series based on “Crash” in February and I hope I can swing by there to check it out in between Genesis services. We’re having a blast in our Modern Mystic series- thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Ariah Fine Avatar

    Born into Brothels is an amazingly touching film.

  4. Thomas Middleton Avatar

    Finally got my blog up and running.
    Love your input and mentoring in this so I can learn to be the networking link you have modeled for me.
    Thanks for your encouragement,

  5. Mel Avatar

    I saw Born into Brothels a while back and cried my eyes out, but absolutely loved it. Not only for the seeds of a mandate to step out of our comfort zone and do something to end the injustice in our world which the film so emotionally plants; not just because I am an amateur photographer myself and love to see art used in such an empowering and liberating way; but because it reminds us that for some people, prostitution is not a conscious choice to sin, but a hopeless, dead-end lifestyle which they are, as the title says, born into. Nobody chooses to become a prostitute; who would? Prostitution chooses them. Even crackwhores wouldn’t choose prostitution if there was any other way for them to get the crack and satisfy their addiction. As someone who works with prostitutes on a weekly basis, And sees the tough choices they often have to make and the despair in which they often live, it’s nice to come across a film that does not simply blame them for all of their problems. This film classifies the sex trade as what it is: a societal illness.

    Gives a whole new outlook to the story of Rahab, which has always been one of my favorite OT stories. Let’s be brave: let’s look at the shades of gray in the world. Let’s choose to seek redemption in and for everyone.

  6. Ram Avatar


    I too absolutely loved “Born into Brothels,” and posted about it. Then, while reading about what the other bloggers had to say about the movie, I stumbled across your blog.

    Take care,

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