A Mystic Leader’s Crash Course: Introduction

Welcome back.

The role of a leader is to describe the world we live in and to show others how to live in that world with moral authenticity. As Christ following leaders begin to see the world through the life of Christ and begin to reorient their own lives, they find themselves increasingly compelled to join with others on a quest to save the universe.

I would like to suggest four images to 21st century leaders as a help in describing the world in which we live.


I’ll unwrap these over the next few days.

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Into the mystic…

Alex McManus

9 thoughts on “A Mystic Leader’s Crash Course: Introduction

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  2. I like the idea of where this is going. However, in addition to describing the world we live in, I believe a leader’s role is to create, with others, the world we live in. And it’s much easier to describe something you’ve created.

    Also, a friend of mine will be in town Feb. 12 and he wants to visit some communities of faith that are on a quest to engage 20-something unbelievers. does anyone know where he should go? Talk to you soon. Have a great day!!

  3. Erin was briefly telling me about this talk after the conference you were at last weekend. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Have fun with James this week!!

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