Welcome IMN 2006. Click on the “comments” link below to join the online chat.


171 responses to “WELCOME IMN 2006”

  1. Howard Avatar

    I play drums who wants to jam in LA?

  2. Eric Avatar

    thanks dean, will do

  3. Brandon Faris Avatar

    anyone in the Midwest (cincinnati)

  4. Howard Avatar

    How do i turn off the function where I get an email each time someone posts?

  5. Alex Avatar

    Howard, rock, jazz, latin?

  6. Sam. Avatar

    I can hum out of tune if that’s any use, Howard?

  7. Rachel Avatar

    Howard, jamming sounds fun! I can’t bring my piano – a bit too big for hand luggage!

  8. Alex Avatar

    The hour is up. Have a great week. See you next week or sooner in the blogosphere.

  9. Eric Avatar

    i have two spoons

  10. Rachel Avatar

    Don’t be deceived, Sam has a perfectly good guitar!

  11. Howard Avatar

    4×4 rock and a little jazzy blues

  12. Eric Avatar

    see you all, howard, uncheck the little box under the text box

  13. shaman Avatar

    I gotta go everyone. Great talking to you and see you next week.

  14. Sam. Avatar

    See you all soon.

  15. Rachel Avatar

    See you guys later. We’re gonna watch CSI now….then go to sleep!

  16. octavio Avatar

    bye everyone…

  17. Russell Avatar

    Oh guys,
    I must have fully missed the convo; I thought I had the time difference figured but it seems I haave missed you all. Am definitely excited about stuff next thurs, will have to figure out the time properly!
    Seems like you’re all well

  18. The Bishop Avatar

    Well, busy day yesterday, so I missed the “ipo.” But, The Bishop here. My name is Jason, and I am a cultural missionary/church planter in West Texas.

  19. James Petticrew Avatar
    James Petticrew

    hi alex! i ma missing california and it is cold an wet in kentucky pleae leave a message on my blog, thanks

  20. Brandon Faris Avatar
    Brandon Faris


    Where are you from in Kentucky?

    Brandon Faris

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