Welcome IMN 2006. Click on the “comments” link below to join the online chat.


171 responses to “WELCOME IMN 2006”

  1. I play drums who wants to jam in LA?

  2. thanks dean, will do

  3. anyone in the Midwest (cincinnati)

  4. How do i turn off the function where I get an email each time someone posts?

  5. Howard, rock, jazz, latin?

  6. I can hum out of tune if that’s any use, Howard?

  7. Howard, jamming sounds fun! I can’t bring my piano – a bit too big for hand luggage!

  8. The hour is up. Have a great week. See you next week or sooner in the blogosphere.

  9. Don’t be deceived, Sam has a perfectly good guitar!

  10. 4×4 rock and a little jazzy blues

  11. see you all, howard, uncheck the little box under the text box

  12. I gotta go everyone. Great talking to you and see you next week.

  13. See you guys later. We’re gonna watch CSI now….then go to sleep!

  14. Oh guys,
    I must have fully missed the convo; I thought I had the time difference figured but it seems I haave missed you all. Am definitely excited about stuff next thurs, will have to figure out the time properly!
    Seems like you’re all well

  15. Well, busy day yesterday, so I missed the “ipo.” But, The Bishop here. My name is Jason, and I am a cultural missionary/church planter in West Texas.

  16. James Petticrew Avatar
    James Petticrew

    hi alex! i ma missing california and it is cold an wet in kentucky pleae leave a message on my blog, thanks

  17. Mairi,

    Where are you from in Kentucky?

    Brandon Faris

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