171 thoughts on “WELCOME IMN 2006

  1. rachel, we have plenty of hang spots, but not necessarily where folks come for “community” we have the opportunity to develop THAT and people will be DRAWN to that

  2. It’s not that the bar, pubs, etc that Rachel mentions are something we’re avoiding, it’s just that in the evening they become very much all about drinking and the social element goes out the window…there aren’t many environments for people in an evening to just hang out in a chilled atmosphere without going out for a drive to an traditional countryside english pub.

  3. I’ve started a group of 20 somethings. We gather the last Sunday of the month for CAFFIENATED. We throw up a short film or a rant, then we converse..We host it at local hang-outs and houses…..Its worked well, one thing that has been cool has been to have people right tough questions in a box. The anonomys nature of the BOX allows people to dig deep and not feel stupid…

  4. has anyone thought about how “Tagging” can be applied in a social sense as well. For instance at the VOX (physical) you could post amoungst different corners a message board, and groups could TAG what they are talking about so people walking in the door could jump right in….does this make sense

  5. Conrad, just click on the “Get a Vox Blog” on the top right of my blog. that will take you to another blog. Click on “Join Vox Now.” After that it is self explanatory. Let me know when you’ve got it set up.

  6. Eric, I’m talking about a real table in a cafe and what ever the topic of discussion is tagged on a display screen on the wall above that table….so people just but in….if it says “Love” (open discussion)

  7. I’m also going to line Eric Bryant to lead us in a one hour online chat on the Leadership Matrix.

    Dave Auda will also return to lead us in a one hour online debrief on his small groups class.

    How’s that sound?

  8. Those classes sound great….I’d love to build on what Dave talked about with small groups and dive into some leadership issues around that topic.

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