welcome back.

An online conversation with Brian Russell at 12 Noon (PST). Read Brian’s blog at real meal cafe .


109 responses to “WELCOME IMN 2006”

  1. Brandon Faris Avatar

    Its been sweet…I can’t wait to have some face-time in L.A. Thanks everyone….

    P.S. Octavio…..I’m stepping out. I’ve got One church committed to supporting my endevour and God has clarified that He wants me to start a MOVEMENT (Downtown Cincinnati) Urban. God is putting people in front of me every step of the way. Yesterday I had a waiter at “Fuddruckers” african american guy (huge, not alot of diversity in cincinnati, divided) overhear our conversation on the Movement of Love towards downtown cincy, He doesn’t even know Jesus, but He wants to meet with me……unbelievable….

  2. Jon Olson (aka Levi) Avatar
    Jon Olson (aka Levi)

    Thanks for the comment about scripture being evidence of God’s mission in the world.
    Alex, I think listening is good if obedience follows. I think many people don’t obey–reminds me of Erwins message a few weeks ago about Elijah.

  3. Derek Webster Avatar
    Derek Webster

    quick correction: in an earlier post I wrote: theologically trained. I meant – NOT theologically trained. That sentence should make a little more sense now.

  4. […] If you would like to check out the conversation, the entire exchange can be found on Alex’s site. […]

  5. Chris Bell Avatar

    We are definately off topic, but one last off topic comment. While I do think we need to find our own style of preaching/teaching. We do need to ask the question concerning the medium we use to convey the message. I am not arguing for one medium over the other, but that we examine how our style effects the message, if it even does.

  6. Brian Russell Avatar

    I think that you are correct. We need to reflect critically on all of our practices (personal and corporate) to make certain that they truly serve God’s desires and ends.

  7. Chris Bell Avatar

    Brian thanks for leading the conversation – even if some of us went off topic (sorry – not intentional). I will be reading your posts on realmealministries.org

  8. Brian Russell Avatar

    I am by no means advocating the universal necessity of knowing the biblical languages. I agree with your assessment. The danger for interpretation to reside only in the hands of experts (ecclesial or modern researchers) is clear from history and is the epitomy of human hubris.

    I do think though that we can help to train followers of Jesus to read Scripture wisely for themselves.

  9. Viktoria menem Avatar
    Viktoria menem

    thanks Brandon i would like to know more where are you located i belong to dubble aa and i have a contact with my superior power but i think i need more i would apricate it if you can e/mail me thanks

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