the MOSAIC leadership experience -2006

Welcome back.

Two things tonight.

First, I write these two words tonight because I must: thank you.
Thank you for the way your input and coments spice up the “mystic”. Thank you for emailing me, encouraging me, befriending me. It’s an honor for me to be able to share His passion and mission with so many of you who will doubtlessly go much, much further than I could ever go. And so again, Thanks.

Secondly, I need your help. If you’ve ever been to ORIGINS –the Mosaic Leadership Exeprience, would you do two things with me. First would you share your experience with others by clicking on the following link: ORIGINS –the Mosaic leadership experience.

Secondly would you consider helping me spread the word by posting about ORIGINS or linking to it in March? Here’s a link to the 2006 MOSAIC Leadership Conference . Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ll continue my series “A Mystic Leader’s Crash Course” with some additional thoughts about “Light” soon.

Into the Mystic…



One response to “the MOSAIC leadership experience -2006”

  1. Stephen Avatar

    I haven’t been, but I bought the DVDs. I have watched them over and over and shared them with friends. Does that count? 😉

    I’m hoping to get out to LA and be a part of Origins in person, but until then…

    I’ll help spread the word…

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