The Way of The Mystic — Glossary

Welcome back.

I’m at London’s Heathrow airport on my way to Kenya. We flew in overnight from LA on a British Airways 747. The pic below is me and youngest son, Lucas Daniel, during our four wait for our flight to Nairobi. Here are some thoughts from a recently discovered and little known source called The Way of The Mystic.

The Way of The Mystic –Glossary

mys·ti·cism n 1. the belief that personal communication or union with the divine is achieved through intuition, faith, ecstasy, or sudden insight rather than through rational thought 2. a system of religious belief or practice that people follow to achieve personal communication or union with the divine 3. vague or unsubstantiated thought or speculation about something (The Encarta World English Dictionary)

The Way of The Mystic: on Mysticism…
Within the world of the mystic, however, there is as much distaste for “unsubstantiated thought or speculation” as there is for blind faith in “rationalism”. The mystic warrior becomes a mystic because he must …based on a supernatural connection with the primal heartbeat of the universe. The simple fact they live with is that what they have come to know is a gift. Their way has been given to them. (Source: The Way of The Mystic)

Coming up:

  • The Way of The Mystic Glossary: Rationalism, Bibliolatry
  • The Mystic Leader’s Crash Course –Part 5: Clouds

VOX of the Day: A Missional Response to the Gospel of Judas by Brian Russell.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus
copyright, 2006.


6 responses to “The Way of The Mystic — Glossary”

  1. Europe always has a way of bringing out the mystic posts in you. Maybe it’s just travel…I know that’s where I find it more! Ha ha ha!

  2. Our prayers are with you…

  3. Be sure to eat at the Carnivore in Nairobi. It was cool. We had a long layover at Heathrow on our way to Kenya. It was long enough to make it to the British Museum. Have a great time.

  4. I pray neither of you ever forget your time in Kenya, and that it changes your lives forever. God, please move in the hearts of Alex and Lucas and in the hearts of those they encounter. Amen.

  5. Mate I love that phrase “the mystic warrior becomes a mystic because he must”
    no roads left to travel down but the one in front of the mystic…I trust your time in Kenya will be fruitful and life changing…can’t wait to for the immersion in LA,

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