I’ve been meeting with a couple of hundred women and men,
some deeply embedded in dangerous and harsh fields.

I’ve listened to first hand accounts of Muslims traveling
by the cover of night for a chance to hear of the mystic…

of mystic warriors traveling by camel over the most
hostile terrains for the chance to guide others towards the mystic…

of soldiers blinded by a mystic light and kept from
seeing recent converts hiding in nearby quarters for months at a time…

of radically converted guides changing from one set of clothes to another seconds before authorities came to arrest them…and escaping capture.

I’ve been teaching on the subject of spiritual warfare and spiritual wellness…

but I’ve been learning too. And remembering.

VOX of the day: Top 10 Reasons to go to ORIGINS

photos: giraffes running; me on safari in search of the mystic; death waiting; chameleon; tall tree; red tree. photos: Lucas McManus, Alex McManus.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus

12 thoughts on “Africa

  1. LUCAS!!! He is lookin’ like the little man is in his element! Oh, the stories. I can’t wait to hear more of them. In the meantime, I’m taking your wife to lunch. 🙂

  2. Hey Alex,
    I’m not sure if you remember me but we met at the Leadership Development Conference in Holt Summit, Missouri. And I was really encouraged by you to come out to the Origins Conference.

    I’m bringing a group of about 4-6 students from the University of Missouri out there and I saw that you said there were some places to stay still available. If you could let me know what I need to do to get one of those places to reserve I would really appreciate it. God Bless!

  3. Alex, I seem to have been out the loop for ages, this looks like you and Lucas are having a great time in Kenya. We head back to Scotland 23rd of May, I’ll be in touch. I have an interview for a job at a bible college which will provide housing and salary if I get it, which would be great cause as of now we are going to be in a tent and on state funding!

  4. I visited Kenya last October and only now, nearly a year later are some of the lessons God was speaking into my heart coming to the surface. For instance, I find myself weeping when confronted by the consummerism of others (and myself). I cannot drink a glass of water without realizing the ease with which I can get it.

    Alex, are you sharing that experience? Do you find that Africa lingers in your soul?

  5. yes, joshua. in fact, my online community ( is helping build a well in africa.
    stay tuned to the “build a village” link that should go live soon.

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