Mystic Update

Welcome back. You belong here.


You can help create history this summer. On Saturday, May 13 at 4.00PM (PST) we’re going to send out [we hope] the first ever “live signal” from VOXTROPOLIS.COM. This will only be a “beta test” in anticipation of the January 2007 launch of the VOX site, but it will be a historic event.

This Saturday, you’ll walk through our place, meet all kinds of personalities, and hear all kinds of music. All impromptu. Hey, with some imagination, you may even be able to smell the food we’ll be serving. In order to get ready for January’s launch, we’re going to try a few “beta test” broadcasts this summer.

Are you ready for this? Be there for the first ever live signal: Saturday, May 13, 2006, 4PM PST at See The CLOCK TICK.

The Search for The Mystic

Ever had you house “rolled”? You know, when kids take rolls of toilet paper and unroll them all over your yard, trees and cars? Something similar happens to me. I come home every now and then and see that someone(s) has been up to mischief because I find things left at my door. I took photos on my cell phone today to document what is becoming a regular occurence.

Aggravating isn’t it? To be required to find out who is behind these kinds of things. Whoever you are. I’m going to find you. And when I do, I’m going to thank you for supporting the “Search for The Mystic.”


It will be cozy, but there’s still room. Are you a student 28 years old or younger? Take advantage of the special rate designed just for you. LA or bust.

The International Mentoring Network

Now accepting applications for the 2007 cohort. Two 7-Day Immersion experiences next year in Orlando (February 2007) and Los Angeles (May 2007). Email The 2007 cohorts (online conversations) begin in September 2006, October 2006, and January 2007.

See you In The Mystic,

Alex McManus

6 thoughts on “Mystic Update

  1. Origins Breakout Question. I’m very interested in a Vox Blog and pick up things pretty quick but have no idea what it would look like to set one up. Is this the goal behind the breakout or is more about the community aspect? Is there someone I can contact who can walk me through a speed course of setting one up?

  2. i’m going to go over the concept and applications but we’ll also have people there who can help you set up.

    or you can follow the steps on the email i just sent to you.


  3. Alex,
    I worry. Now, i dont want to be a naysayer, im much more of a fan of positive theology in favor of apophatic theology, but i wouldnt mind interacting at this point. Do you think that the VOX, the Blog, the internet, etc. is creating a false sense of community in place of the real thing? I mean i could sit in my room the whole time, with my internet community, or i could establish real community with my neighbors.
    Maybe i have misunderstood the whole thing, but that is where my thoughts go immediatly.

  4. Brad,


    That’s an excellent question and one that has been much discussed here at “into the mystic”. I think I’ll post about it again in the near future. The two questions that come immediately to mind are

    * can one “create a false sense of community” in f2f relationships?

    * what’s “real community”?

    I think one can have “true/real” friendships with or without the internet. I also think one can have “false/fake” friendships in both cyber or f2f life. the vehicle isn’t the whole story.

    My thinking is that our cyber lives should not cut us off from our concrete lives, but that they should complement each other.

    My strategy is to exploit the “fact” that humankind now has a cyber dimension, and use this reality to create f2f community…and vice versa.

    Thanks for the question.

  5. Alex and Brad,
    When I think of cyber-relationships, or should I say, when I think of the ones I engage in, I see them only complimenting the personal or “concrete” as you say, one’s I have already established. I have just moved from Dallas, my home of 29 years to Jacksonville, FL. Thank God for the cyber relationship aspect that now enables me to stay in virtual contact with friends and family back home. Sometimes it doesnt even feel like I’m 1000 miles away. I am a student ministry pastor, and I have bunches of kids on myspace and the sort. I find that to be dangerous, but no more so that driving a car. There is much danger there. But a lot of good things come from it as well, used correctly I suppose. Anyway, thought I’d toss my thoughts out there on it all. Peace. CJ

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