welcome back.

    five updates today.

      1. voxtropolis.com is exploding. thanks. get the T shirt at the City of Voices .
      2. the IMN 7-Day was amazing. photos coming soon.
      3. i have a new IMN site at http://www.internationalmentoringnetwork.com
      4. we’re moving again. we don’t know where we’re going yet but we’ll be out of our place by the weekend.
      5. as always you’re the first to know—truly amazing discounts for the Fall Regional conferences if you register this summer.

Summer Discounts

Immense discounts off of the regular tuition of $119.00 for those who register in June. Click on the date and location of your choice below for more details.

IMN National Conference

HUMANA 2.0 —the humanity upgrade

February 7-8

Orlando, Florida
details coming soon…

I’ll be back to my daily posting this summer. I’ve got lots to talk to you about.

see you in the mystic,



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