The Present Future – Corn Tamales “con crema”

Welcome back.

In 1946, only 8,000 homes, all of which were in the USA, had television.

As a child growing up in El Salvador, I remember anticipating the afternoon Disney cartoons. My younger brother, Erwin, and I would sit behind TV trays, eating corn tamales “con crema”, faithfully waiting for the “snow” to stop and the black and white cartoons featuring Mickey and Donald to come on.

Things change. Today, we carry our computers, televisions, and telephones with us. I can watch my favorite shows on the road by storing them on my ipod. We can call each other as we travel in our cars. Blackberry. The one word says it all.

Tomorrow will push things even further. These portable technologies will become embedded in our bodies. One major problem today –for me anyway– is that I lose my car keys. Sometimes I lose the entire car, but that’s another story. That problem will be solved by voice recognition, or finger print access, or telepathetic access to a wireless device in our brains that will open the door to our cars via “blue tooth”.

Credit card, driver’s license, passport, email…you name it. It will be embedded in us. That’s a long way from 1946. One thing, however, continues to be the same and, I project, will not be altered by future technology.

Corn tamales “con crema” will still be really good.

See you in the Mystic,

Alex McManus
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5 responses to “The Present Future – Corn Tamales “con crema””

  1. Cliff Avatar

    Best blog post of the day.

    By far.


  2. Cliff Avatar

    By the way, Alex, I think you are incredibly cool.


  3. Mel Avatar

    The day you wake up and realize that you can embrace technology, the future, and the world without losing your roots is the day that magically, mystically connects past and future and somehow bestows the peace of mind required to live without fearing what waits around the bend.

    For you, it’s tamales. For me, New England apple pie for breakfast and Italian beef sandwiches. Whatever it is, never stop loving it. They are constants in a world changing so fast that it races by us like freeway traffic or a river at high flood. Reminders that where you’re headed will never be fully divorced from where you’ve come. The love grants peace, the peace births joy, the joy discovers strength to face each day.

  4. Chris Kratzer Avatar


    Hey, thanks for the chat the other day, your guidance and insight always challenge and guide me. Pray for Amy and I as we continue forth on the “mystic” sea of God’s journey for our life and ministry.

    Blessing to you and yours,
    Chris Kratzer

  5. Mark Weible Avatar

    It looks like we are close (within the next five years) to embedded wi-fi technology in product packaging. Check out this USA Today artilce.

    I hope no one ever forgets how to make corn tamales. Growing up in San Antonio, they were a staple for my family – along with Pace Picante sauce.

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