The Next 50 years: the birth of human machines

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The Birth of Human Machines
Rodney Brooks, professor of computer science and director of the Artificial Intelligence lab at MIT, writes that within the next fifty years, we will adopt robot technology, silicon and steel into our bodies not to fix something but to improve it.

This is a massive, galaxy-quaking shift in history. No longer will humankind submit to Darwinian evolution. “Now,” writes Brookes, “we will have the option of participating in explicit ways in that evolution.” This would definitely take man yet another step apart from his cousins within the animal kingdom.

Brooks tells us that the widely held assumption in the field of molecular biology is that “humans are machines”. Every living system is a product of molecular interactions. In fact, writes Brooks, the thirty year goal at MIT is to so control the genetics of living systems that “instead of growing a tree, cutting it down, and building a table out of it, we will ultimately be able to grow the the table.”

Imagine a world in which we breed bacterial robots to repair or improve human bodies at the molecular level. Darwin’s revolution placed man in the animal kingdom. The 21st century may see man placed in the world of machines.

Will future generations long for the good old days when Man was just an animal?
Will “Humanity 2.0” be characterized by self-determined evolution that resembles today’s software upgrades? [If you’re new to “Into the Mystic,” read this post in conjunction with my prior post, The Next Fifty Years: The Rise of the X-Men.]

What do you think? Would you enhance your IQ, your memory, your reading speed and retention? Would you enhance your kids to give them an advantage in the world? Welcome to the future.

See you in the Mystic…

Alex McManus


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5 responses to “The Next 50 years: the birth of human machines”

  1. Alex,
    You say the 21st century may see man placed in the world of machines, but are we not already there? We take in – processes – produce. We have bio-engineering to modify our make up. Check out the defintion at

  2. I think that the future is exciting. Everything has a pro and a con. No matter what the context, humans will always struggle between good and evil.

    Although the internet has linked long lost family and informed those who have been taken advantage of, it still inslaves millions through pornography and online gambling.

    Whether we are robots or not doesn’t matter, if we choose to love in the midst of our cyber future does. If you get an upgrade out of ill motives and prideful desires, your results will render the same as a pre-cyber body. You will just become a High-Tech self centered jack-ass.

    If you seek humility and love others, you could potentially become a cyborg that heals, restores and loves 20 times as many people and machines.

    Love will never be able to be programmed because it is design is captured in a man, Jesus. If we can quantify Jesus, who are we?

  3. Yeah, those little robots are called nanobots, or nanites. Scientists have been using them for a long time for circuitry work, but the applications, especially for surgery, are incredible! I mean, you swallow a pill with programmed nanites that when released in your body, go to a developing tumor, irradiate it, then their batteries run out and they leave your body as waste. How crazy is that? No, I wouldn’t enhance anything unless they make fat eating nanobots, then it’s a different story altogether. 😉

  4. oooh… nanobots! i like that. sounds like it will save us a lot of pain and suffering 🙂

  5. As long as I get to own a car like KITT from Knight Rider, I’m golden.

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