Engaging the Dark Side: How far is too far?

Special update for readers of “Into the Mystic…”
from: Alex McManus

New Article: “Engaging the Dark Side: How far is too far?” by Alex McManus. Chime in with your thoughts.

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6 responses to “Engaging the Dark Side: How far is too far?”

  1. Jim Starr Avatar

    I have always thought the subject of what life might be like in the future technolgical world…I truly think that we are going to bottom out when it comes to techno advances…I think we are going to move in the opposite direction and become less technology oriented…do not get me wrong I love all this stuff…able to communicate with anyone anytime…the question is how far can we go as humans without physical contact…how far will we let science take our existence…..

  2. Larry Avatar

    Thy link worketh not.

    (The one to “Engaging the Darker Side…”) WordPress gives me a database error.

  3. Larry Avatar

    The link works now…

  4. Kristin Huntley Avatar

    Hey Alex,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your trip to Kansas City and all you shared with us at Lakeland. It was a great weekend. Thank Dean for us, too.

    Grace and Peace to you and your family as you continue to reach those who need to hear. We are with you in Spirit.

    Kristin Huntley

  5. Tommy Avatar

    I have tried a couple of times to comment to the “Engaging the Darker Side” article, but each time I submit it says ‘internal error’ and does not post. What do I need to do?

  6. Tommy Holmes Avatar
    Tommy Holmes

    Yo Alex. Crazy stuff man. The thought I have is this, if they are going to do this stuff anyway (prostitution, etc), then would it be a bad thing for us to come along side them as they do it and love them inspite of it. Sort of the same idea as “if my kids are going to drink anyway as they head into their teenage years, and theres nothing I can do but try and control them and push them away in the process, I’d rather they get bombed at my house and learn about it here then out there somewhere.”

    But how do you open a brothel without condoning prostitution? Or do you see that as a non-issue, as in, people will think you condone it and will condemn you in the meantime, but you are getting through to those who are unreachable to the church, so who cares. Its messy man.

    Also, you advised me to have some friends over for football or something. But earlier this week, me and some guys decided to just skip right to the party with live music. we found a local band, actually they landed in our lap. Now we are looking to have this thing soon. Do you have any suggestions? What has it been, in your experience, that makes a party the best one in town?

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