5 thoughts on “Preparing for HUMANA 2.0

  1. Alex,

    Looking forward to Humana 2.0 and reconnecting. I am also one of those Northlanders looking forward to some sunny and warm weather. Love the song.

    Living Unleashed


  2. Hey, an off topic question, I was just reading Anne Lamott and came across a quote about going “into the mystic” and wondered if that’s the source of your title? (Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies, p167)

  3. BTW, I’m surprised nobody has commented, but this is about the coolest blog designed I’ve ever seen. Did you get the idea about the animated graphics from someone or come up with that on your own? Sugoi.

  4. Andy, thanks. if by “animated graphic” you refer to my moving banner, yes, the idea is original to me though i’m sure it’s not unique to me.

    About Anne Lamott…I’ve not heard of her. the inspiration for my blog title came from an old school song by Van Morrison called “Into the Mystic”.

    Thanks again for commenting on my blog’s new look.

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