Amazing Week

One of the most amazing IMN 7-Day Mentoring Immersions, the first in Florida, has now concluded. The next 7-Day Immersion this year is ramping up for Los Angeles, California beginning on April 26 and concluding on May 2.
Apply now if you’re interested in being a part of the 2007 cohort.


The new IMN conference was spectacular in every way. The International Mentoring Network set a very high bar for experience design and production. David Arcos of Mosaic in Los Angeles and Leader of the Urban Poets told us: “This is by far the coolest venue we’ve ever danced in”.

The Voxtropolis World Music Jam at House Blend Cafe was a hit. Stay tuned to for video of the event featuring Jason Sharp, Jettison Never and Chasing Jonah.

See you in the mystic,


4 thoughts on “Amazing Week

  1. I miss you. When are you coming back to California? I had tons of fun hanging out with your lovely daughter last Sunday! She will always have a bed at my place whenever she needs a vacation! 🙂

  2. Alex, It was great to see you again! Humana 2.0 was insightful and challenging – I was so glad my wife was able to share the experience with me. You and Dean and your crew did such a great job creating that environment! Wish I could borrow y’all for a weekend!

    Looking forward to next year and bringing mor from our leadership team.

    ~ Stephen

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