A list: Questions from HUMANA 2.0

Here are some of the questions that were addressed at HUMANA 2.0.

  • What are the three coordinates needed to understand “where” and “when” we are as a movement? (Alex McManus)

  • Are we supposed to figure out How and What the early church did and then do that? (Thorsten Moritz)
  • Is the primitive church the ideal for us today? (Thorsten Moritz)


  • Did the early church do what we would have expected them to do given their religious traditions? (Thorsten Moritz)
  • What’s the diference between an avatar and an idol? (Gerardo Marti)
  • How do leaders manifest movements? (Gerardo Marti)
  • What is the role of beauracracy in the modern church? (Gerardo Marti)
  • What’s the future of the evangelical church in America? (Gerardo Marti)
  • Is Mosaic a seeker sensitive church? (Erwin McManus)


  • When you were a child you had imaginary friends and God, why did you stop believing in your imaginary friends but not God? (Erwin McManus)
  • What is needed to walk the creative path? (David Arcos)
  • What are the three critical steps towards creativity? (David Arcos)
  • What is the desynchronization effect? (Alex McManus)


  • What is a Voxtropolis Culture Pub and How can we employ the Voxtropolis strategy? (IMN Mentors and other subversives)

There are a very, very limited number of DVD and CD sets available. Purchase yours here: HUMANA 2.0.

See you in the Mystic…

Photos: Thorsten teaching, Erwin Teaching, the IMN Makers of Fire and other subversives

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One response to “A list: Questions from HUMANA 2.0”

  1. Alex Avatar

    For those of you that have already ordered the set, they should be ready by mid next week and will begin to be shipped out then.

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