A list: Questions from HUMANA 2.0

Here are some of the questions that were addressed at HUMANA 2.0.

  • What are the three coordinates needed to understand “where” and “when” we are as a movement? (Alex McManus)

  • Are we supposed to figure out How and What the early church did and then do that? (Thorsten Moritz)
  • Is the primitive church the ideal for us today? (Thorsten Moritz)


  • Did the early church do what we would have expected them to do given their religious traditions? (Thorsten Moritz)
  • What’s the diference between an avatar and an idol? (Gerardo Marti)
  • How do leaders manifest movements? (Gerardo Marti)
  • What is the role of beauracracy in the modern church? (Gerardo Marti)
  • What’s the future of the evangelical church in America? (Gerardo Marti)
  • Is Mosaic a seeker sensitive church? (Erwin McManus)


  • When you were a child you had imaginary friends and God, why did you stop believing in your imaginary friends but not God? (Erwin McManus)
  • What is needed to walk the creative path? (David Arcos)
  • What are the three critical steps towards creativity? (David Arcos)
  • What is the desynchronization effect? (Alex McManus)


  • What is a Voxtropolis Culture Pub and How can we employ the Voxtropolis strategy? (IMN Mentors and other subversives)

There are a very, very limited number of DVD and CD sets available. Purchase yours here: HUMANA 2.0.

See you in the Mystic…

Photos: Thorsten teaching, Erwin Teaching, the IMN Makers of Fire and other subversives

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