Bethel Seminary’s DMin

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Hollywood, Ca

I’m in LA because this week I met for the last time with my Doctor of Ministry cohort from Bethel Seminary. I’ve immensely enjoyed co-leading this cohort with my brother, Erwin, and getting to know the leaders that are a part of it. At the end of the week, one of the students put it something like this: It’s kind of like camp when you’re a kid. You want to go home but you’re already missing the experience.


The program is focused on “Creating an Entrepreneurial Ethos, Developing the Art of Improvisation, and Discipling Innovation”.

Thanks to Sam Rima, director of Bethel’s Doctor of Ministry program, and Erwin McManus, Cultural Architect of Mosaic, for inviting me to contribute. My part is over. But, the cohort now continues their work of writing, writing and rewriting. Best to all of you.

See you in the Mystic…



3 responses to “Bethel Seminary’s DMin”

  1. Cliff Avatar

    When will this program open back up through Bethel?

  2. Alex Avatar

    Cliff, As far as I know, this was a one time offering. Sam Rima, who directs Bethel’s D Min program, is bound to have lots of great stuff up his sleeve:

    Unless your goal is the degree, you may also want to check out the Mentoring Immersion with the IMN:

  3. cliff Avatar

    Thanks for the response, still so unsure of the next step but what you gave helped, just want to continue to immerse myself under guys who are not reacting, or responding to cultural shifts but who are creating the shifts like you and your brother. Much respect for both of you and hope you continue to impact the kingdom like you are.

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