Is it possible to think too much?

Last March, I commented on several chapters from a book titled the Culture Code. [Interestingly enough, last May I met the author’s (Clotaire Rapaille) former Polo coach when he approached me because he had read my post]. Today, in an article –that collaborates Rapaille’s premise too well to ignore– titled “New Leaders Say Pensive French Think Too Much”, the New York Times quotes Finance Minister Christine Lagarde who “bluntly” advised “the French people to abandon their ‘old national habit.’ That old habit is a kind of “national laziness” and Lagarde hopes to push the French to work harder, earn more and maybe even get rich.

In a country where the rich are heavily taxed (and thus flee to greener pastures), the people expect a welfare state to take care of them, and the law mandates a 35 hour work week, it seems that the French want to eat their cake and have it too.

The article reports that some of the french elite can’t believe their ears. After all, France is the homeland of the Enlightenment, the land of Descartes dictum: I think therefore I am. Rappaille (who is also French) tells us in the Culture Code that the the single-word code that exegetes French culture is IDEA.

Maybe Lagarde brings an idea to the French whose time has come.

See the article here: “French think too much”
See my post on The Culture Code and the French

Enjoy. See you in the mystic…

Alex McManus


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One response to “Is it possible to think too much?”

  1. john page Avatar

    If the French think, therefore they are, exist, what is it they have thought of that is helpful to humankind? They have great working conditions (hours, loads of vacation, healthcare, etc.), so is Lagarde merely pushing them to raise the bar a bit, or is there more to it…widespread culture change?

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