HUMANA 2.08 –Registration opens

HUMANA 2.08 may be the first missional leadership experience of it’s kind.

The convergence is designed with an “Open Source” sensibility. One of the uniquenesses of HUMANA 2.08 is that the registrants to the event are not simply an audience but designers of the event as well. Read my post on this here.

HUMANA 2.08 will take place in Orlando, Fl on February 6-7. Registration opens on Monday, September 24. Register now for significant savings on tuition. Oh yes, there are amazing opportunities for teams and spouses too. Amazing.



One response to “HUMANA 2.08 –Registration opens”

  1. […] Where the breakout sessions are created by the attenders before the conference convenes?  Has a new creature been created with the HUMANA 2.08 conference?  Next February, you may find […]

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