What’s the buzz all about?

Reserve your seat…
LINK: http://fight4humanity.com

Sure there’s provocative original content and cutting edge practitioners,
but why is there such a buzz about HUMANA 2.08?

Is it…

  • Early registrant tuition discounts that will turn heads?
  • “Add a spouse” tuition so low that it seems unreasonable?
  • Group prices so special that it would cost you more to leave your team at home?
  • Sunny Florida in February?
  • The return of the rocking band, Jettison Never
  • The signature VOXTROPOLIS Environmental designs and ambience?
  • The ground breaking IMN “open source” program design?
  • Or is it that you just gotta go to a conference that has a naked guy on the website?

We’re not exactly sure.
Here’s what we know. Seating is limited at this year’s event. And, if you register early, you’ll save a lot of money.
Reserve your seat. Get to Florida. Stay warm.


Walk the path — http://fight4humanity.com/H2.08_intro.html
Go straight to the Info — http://fight4humanity.com/H2.08_hub.html

See you in the Mystic and at H2.08


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