The Fight 4 Humanity Begins Here…

Uniqeness: The Only leadership convergence on the planet where YOU get to be part of the design team.

Uniqueness: The Only leadership convergence in this part of the galaxy that has a naked guy running around on the web site.

Register before MIDNIGHT Friday, Dec 7 for a tuition discount for HUMANA 2.08.

  • Bohemian Evangelism
  • Fiesta Theology
  • The Disciple-Making Way of Jesus
  • Why the leadership structure of almost every church we admire is not biblical
  • What’s the difference between an idol and an avatar?
  • What’s a Culture Pub?
  • Creating momentum in a church plant
  • What’s the future of mission and ministry in the 21st century?

Here’s one of the things that makes H2.08 a one-of-a-kind experience. You get to
choose what gets talked about there. This is the only leadership convergence in this
part of the galaxy in which YOU get to be a part of the design team. To register or for other details go to

Hope to see you in Orlando, Fl for HUMANA 2.08 on February 6-7. H2.08 is a designated Meet Up hot spot for the City of Voices,, and for the social network, M.

Register before Midnight Friday, December 7 for tuition discounts.

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