List #3 of Topics at HUMANA 2.08

I’ve asked Thorsten Moritz (vita below) to consider the following topics of conversation at HUMANA 2.08. These are based
on conversations with Thorsten over the last couple of years.

# Why single leadership in a church is unbiblical (based on Thorsten’s challenge that there are no single leaders in the scriptures) (and maybe even unhealthy).
# Single and Plural Leadership from a biblical perspective
# Why what we call church is not church (based on our conversation last Feb about the mistake of calling our Sunday morning gatherings a church)
# What is a church and what is her mission?
# Why mega churches fail the definition of what it means to be a church

THORSTEN MORITZ. Over the past 11 years, Thorsten Moritz has taught at the University of Gloucestershire, England; Leipzig University and the Freie Theologische Akademie, both in Germany; as well as in five Romanian cities. He authored a monograph about hermeneutics in Ephesians, A Profound Mystery, and articles on the gospels, Ephesians, hermeneutics, and consumerism. He is currently writing the Mark commentary for the Two Horizons commentary series as well as another monograph on New Testament ecclesiology. His professional associations include the Tyndale Fellowship (Cambridge, England), the Arbeitskreis fur evangelikale Theologie (Tubingen, Germany), and the Society of Biblical Literature. Thorsten and his family currently live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

There’s still time to Register for HUMANA 2.08/ Orlando, Fl/ Feb 6-7.



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