List #4 of Topics at HUMANA 2.08

Dean Sharp (Southern California), Sam Radford (UK) and Eric Sweiven (Northern California) are the practitioners that will fill out the Ministry Models Quadrant. All three are currently involved in the grass roots music, film, culture and conversation movement called VOXTROPOLIS. They will bring their experiences and have offered these topics of conversation.

Stumbling Forward – the art of figuring it out as you go along and accidental success
Beyond Labels – creating spaces for humanity to connect
We like them; They like us – relationships as a foundation for everything
Blurred Lines – everything and nothing; everywhere and nowhere
Cell Theory — Understanding the Voxtropolis Underground at the molecular level

There’s still time. Register before Friday, January 18 and enjoy a discounted tuition. See you at HUMANA 2.08/ Orlando, Fl/ Feb 6-7, 2008.



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