List #5 of Topics at HUMANA 2.08

Alex McManus is the founder of the International Mentoring Network and the Creator of Voxtropolis — a grass roots movement of music, art, film, culture and conversation — with expressions in California, Florida and the UK, and a mirror cyber-expression on He is the author of Making the World Human Again: Jesus’ Quest to Save the Future from Religion to be released October of 2008 by Zondervan Press.

His suggested topic of conversations include…

The 5 Digit Combination — How to think about the future
The Three Great Reversals of the Future Church — Money, Clergy and Laity, Space and Time
Church Planting in 12 minutes — the church plant won’t take 12 minutes but this talk will
Fiesta For God — Being Normal as a Way of connecting to non Christ following Humans
Posting Threads — A new language for church planting

Hear Alex McManus and others at HUMANA 2.08/ Orlando, Fl/ Feb 6-7. REGISTER by Friday, Jan 18 (today) and you’ll enjoy a discounted tuition.


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