Check out the Video that Zondervan, the Book House that is publishing my book, put up on You Tube. This is a blurb from when I spoke at Zs headquarters in Grand Rapid.

Here’s the You Tube link:
Human Again

What do you think?

10 responses to “HUMAN AGAIN VIDEO”

  1. I love this idea. It paints a whole new picture and thought process for evangelizing. I have thought of things this way, but never in such great words. I hope and pray many people will read this book, and understand your concepts here. When is it released? I really look forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks, Adam. Making the World Human Again will be released Jan 2. Alex

  3. Hey Barry. Thanks for the question.

    Yes, “Jesus coming to seek and save the lost” and “becoming human again” point to the same reality. Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost, not to make them Christians but to make them human.

  4. Please help me understand what you mean by human again? I can appreciate the fact that Jesus calls us all to himself and that is a vertical relationship but what is not clear with your video presentation is the question of what is the relationship between Jesus coming to seek and save the lost and our becoming human again?

  5. Thanks, I appreciate your reply to my question. Is it correct to assume that you’re referring to the fact that to be human is to have a fallen nature? Help me understand what you mean by human and why it is wrong to be Christian?

  6. Christianity is a culturally conditioned human interpretation of what the NT calls us to. As such, it is always compromised. In fact, it is possible to talk about Christianities…i.e. the forms that a Christ following faith may take in any given place and time.

    Why is it wrong to be a Christian? It can be wrong to be Christian.(Or Muslim or Jew for that matter). Whenever any religion including Christianity excludes others, it is wrong.

    For example, Christianity in the pre-civil war south defended the practice of slavery on biblical grounds. The Southern Baptist Convention, I understand, split away from other Baptists over the issue of whether or not a slave owner could be a missionary.

    Christianity as a religion (i.e. a human interpretation of how God and man interact) is always compromised with culture. This must always be the case. We must risk interpreting and contextualizing the gospel all the while knowing that our point of view may blind us in fundamental ways.

    What do I mean by human? I mean a biological entity embedded in nature that stands in a unique relationship to the environment, other people, other species, the future and God.

    I tend towards speaking of humans as “exiled” rather than “fallen.”

    My understanding is that the nature of the human experience is one of “exile” and that Jesus emerges in history as The Human who knows the way towards a human future (i.e. the future God has in mind for us).

  7. Alex, You have given me much to think about. I hope you don’t percieve my inquiry as disrespectful in anyway. I appreciate the dialogue. I understand that being exiled from God and being fleshly creatures automatically places our “Christianity” in a position of compromise but being that I’m saved by grace through Faith through the alien substitutionary atonement of Jesus vicarious death wouldn’t that validate my Christianity as uncompromising and letimate? In Christ, I am no longer exiled and therefore the Christianity that I claim originated outside of myself.

    Would you say that there is a clear distinction between what is wrong with one man’s compromising faith in Christ and another’s compromising faith in Allah? We are talking apples and oranges aren’t we? I mean, isn’t it always wrong to be a muslim or a jew or even a “so-called” Christian if we are living in exile from our savior Jesus? But on the flip side, wouldn’t it always be right to live in harmony with God through Jesus as the one and only Savior of man regardless of whether we are living in perfect harmony or whether we refer to ourselves as Christians or human?

    Wouldn’t it be o.k. to be a Christian as long as God and His word does the defining?

    Finally, let me ask you about Jesus being “The Human who knows the way towards a human future (i.e. the furure God has in mind for us).” I know you don’t mean to divorce Jesus from His divinity but how do we attain a human future in a heaven from another human? Doesn’t Jesus need to be more than human and doesn’t he need to be more than one who knows the way?

  8. Barry,

    Thank you so much for your questions.
    I extracted 7 questions out of your comment. But as I was answering them in the text box here I realized that it would be too long. So, your questions along with a few others will make up the bulk of my next article.

    But in order not to totally disappoint, I’ve included one of those answers here:

    Q4] “Wouldn’t it be o.k. to be a Christian as long as God and His word does the defining?”

    Hmm..that’s not for me to say. I think YES! if by “being a Christian” you mean touching lepers, helping the poor, standing against oppression, loving God with all your heart, and pouring out your life to make the world a better place for others. I would call that becoming human again, like Jesus.

    But if the scriptures do the defining as you said, where do the gospels say that Jesus came to make anybody a “Christian”? The scriptures don’t define what it means to be a Christian. They define what it means to be a human. But, Christians are not excluded from the benefits of the message of Jesus. They can realign themselves and become human again too.

    Interestingly enough, the early Christians didn’t call themselves “Christians” at first. They were called Christians by others. I wonder if all of us who call ourselves ‘Christians’ would ever hear the term Christian if we stopped using it?

    Truth be told, it’s been a while since anyone accused me of being a Christian…or a human for that matter.

    Barry, I hope that keeps the conversation flowing. Keep the questions coming. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned for the article. I’m sure it will provoke even more questions.

  9. Thanks, Barry. I do want to connect with those who feel comfortable being referred to as Christians. I hope to equip all Christ following people with language that may be useful when talking to someone for whom Christianity has negative baggage. I think that interests many Christians who hope to share their faith with others. Consider this language another arrow in the quiver that can be brought out and used when necessary.

    Yes, there are semantics (the science of the meanings of words) involved. I think that for many the word “Christian” means “western” or “republican” (like Rev. Jerry Falwell) or “left wing” (Like Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson). The word itself carries cultural baggage with which they do not identify. I want to clear the way for the message of Jesus and Humanity is one way I do that.

    I think you would be very interested in a very recent article I’ve written and called, Taking a Walk on the Human Side. Here’s the link:

    Thank you very much for your questions. I hope you feel comfortable asking them here.

  10. Alex,
    I look forward to your article and appreciate your patience with my questions. In your article could you touch on the subject of semantics? What I mean is could it be our understaning between being a “Christian” and being “Human” is mostly a matter of semantics?

    I’m not really concerned as to whether people call me a Christian or not but what I do care is that I’m identified as a follower of Jesus the Christ. If that is the essence of being “Human Again” then I am all for it. But for now I’m going to reserve my opinion. Opinions aren’t worth much anyway. I await your answers and pray that God will grant you wisdom that will connect with those of us are quite comfortable being referred to as Christians.

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