So far, the series has not captivated me. How about you?

The idea of fringe science has always jazzed me so I want it to work, but nothing yet.

See you in the mystic…


4 responses to “FRINGE”

  1. Ron Avatar

    I have always loved science fiction shows and this has a few unigue spins on the paranormal idea. I am intrigue by the “pattern” and the mystery they keep teasing us with…I think it speaks of the interest the world has in spiritual things and what is the “pattern” that holds it all together, give us meaning. That narrative is even more intriguing to me. Plus I love the crazy, scientist dad!

  2. Alex Avatar

    Yes, the “pattern” is the thing that appeals to so many — spiritual and secular. For the rationalist this pattern or “order” are what allow rationality. The universe is stable, ordered and predictable.

    Signs and symbols that point to a meaning or integration of the pattern are also interesting — the number 23, the Lord’s Supper, 2012…

    Thanks for the comment, Ron.

  3. Ron Avatar

    speaking of signs, what is the meaning of the six fingered hand?

  4. Parepidemos Avatar

    Ditto! Tell us, Alex! (re: the 6-fingered hand, whether in Fringe or on the Humana stuff)

    I’m speculating of course, but am probably wrong…

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