Big Foot

I’m wondering how many readers of “Into the Mystic” intellectually affirm (vs. believe in) a possibility of the existence of Big Foot.


photo: me and lucas on a wildlife hunt. could bigfoot be back in the shadows somewhere?

Long time readers will not be surprised by this inquiry. Having experienced paranormal activity including precognition and UFOs myself, I’m interested in fringe science. [Note: you’ll notice the 6-fingered hand that symbolizes The Human Event 2009 –ht to IMN design guru Dean Sharp and his multi-faceted design service and idea studio — is like the hand on the new series Fringe.]


I’m not expecting many to come out of the closet on this. But I’ve always thought that the Pacific Northwest was the perfect place to film the X-Files, if you know what I mean.


See you in the mystic…

One thought on “Big Foot

  1. Bigfoot is a sacred creature to the native americans. He’s a mediator between the spirit world and physical world. Native americans knew about him, but if you let a white man capture him, he will put him in a cage and charge a fee to the public. Nothing is sacred to him…

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